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Toolset hell - Creature properties crash

flyinghtcherflyinghtcher Member Posts: 17
edited May 12 in Builders - Toolset
Ohh jeeze, I tried working with the toolset from Beamdog, and it seems to work fine on mods created with it, but I wanted to add some work to an old mod with CEP 2.65 and it crashed 80% of the time I tried to view Creature properties, So I decided to try it on a NON cep mod that was an old one, crashed about 50% of the time.. Had to hack the mod I wanted to work on and drop the version down to 1.69 so I could use my GOG version. works fine now in GOG's, but the Beamdog one is just Garbage to me. RANT over.

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  • dTddTd Member Posts: 72
    Sorry you're having such a hard time and I'm not really sure why you are. My experience is much different after moving quite a large pw module over from cep2.65 nwn1.69 to EE. Everything was smooth as butter and I find the EE toolset much more responsive. This makes me wonder what exactly is different about your modules from mine?

  • TerrorbleTerrorble Member Posts: 40
    My mod was working fine under WinXP with my Radeon HD 6850 for years. Using the same card in Win10 with that card caused it to crash nearly every time I viewed properties. I've since gotten an nVidia card and have 0 problems so far. (I too am finding the toolset nicely responsive.) Any chance you have a Radeon card?

  • flyinghtcherflyinghtcher Member Posts: 17
    edited May 12
    I'm using a Radeon HD 6900 at the mo. Windows 7 - 64

  • TerrorbleTerrorble Member Posts: 40
    I have a laptop that I could switch my building over to and was just about to upgrade the desktop anyway so I didn't do any troubleshooting, really. If I had to, however, I'd see what previous driver versions they have for those cards.

    If it is similar to what I had going on, I didn't have any trouble playing the game with the 6850 even under Win10-64, just using the toolset.

  • flyinghtcherflyinghtcher Member Posts: 17
    edited May 15
    Think I'll just write in in 1.69 for now, I hope they can fix what ever is causing it. Even if they can the mods going to be more backwards compatible if I do it this way. Just a shame cause I wan't to play with all the new toys.

  • raz651raz651 Member Posts: 160
    I can't find it, but I am sure I read about this sort of problem before and it was suggested that when you first opened up and older mod in the toolset you should immediately save it before you started working with it.

  • dTddTd Member Posts: 72
    One other thing I found when first working on a module in nwnee toolset, script debugging is enabled hence it doubled the size of my modules, had to disable it and delete the debug files manually.

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