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A new voice for the BG2 Xan mod

slick_liquidslick_liquid Member Posts: 13
Hi friends,

Some of you might remember the quite celebrated mod that brought Xan into BGII:

I can't see any way to reach the original author, and I had a play around with it myself recently but found the voice set they used a bit jarring, possibly recorded on some sort of budget mic like many of the mod voices of yore. I'm a voice actor part time and I was wondering whether folks might be interested in an overhaul of the sound used in the mod? I'm nearly done transcribing the BGII Xan mod's lines to re-record them and finding them well written so far, about 200 lines in.

Here's my go at a Xan impression (just reeling off some of his lines from BGI):

Let me know what you think!




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