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A "Guide" or some sort of documentation on NWN1.69 PW to NWNEE transition.

ricoyungricoyung Member Posts: 50
Documented help/guide for NWN 1.69 persistent worlds to help with the transition to NWNEE.
This was proposed and discussed on the latest Beamdog stream on YouTube (close to the end of stream)
Maybe some 1.69 PW admins/devs that have already made the transition can help with input.
I know of one server that has made the move (I played a lot before the move) I am able to login and play there, but the server vault is messed up me thinks; you can use local characters and any toon you make won't save server side..also you login on
So anyways I am hereby making this officially a Request. Thanx



  • GM_ODAGM_ODA Member Posts: 137
    We have begun the transition to EE. Our server has a staggering number of features (coded very clean and lean) and thus far we have found the vast majority of systems are working fine. We are testing the feature set and have a boat load more testing to do, but so far, very little has been 'broken'.

    We have discovered a couple of our database related systems are fluffed due to the change in handling of playernames/login, our Lead Scripter has submitted a fix for these and we'll be testing more again later today. COME JOIN US! Perhaps you can help document the experience?

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