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Special abilities (spell cap) removed or uppped

ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
Can we get the special abilities spell cap of 15 removed or upped? Thanks. I will put it in bug report later.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,997
    ShadowM said:

    I will put it in bug report later.

    If such bug report is closed, let me know, and I'll put this on the Trello board.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    I put it under feature in report, but a trello might be good idea too.

  • ShadowMShadowM Member Posts: 571
    Well I got this email message about feature requests area.
    I'm afraid we've swapped our "feature request" functionality over to the forums, and using public feedback to add / modify Trello cards.

    I'm going to be closing this down, however I highly recommend that you take your idea to the forums and see if you can drum up support, that can get it added to the Trello board, and thus start working through our pipeline for analysis of the issue.

    This was not to the spells cap but another feature request, but just in general that tell me that we all need to move out our feature request to the public forum from now on. Here the ones I have in feature requests and includes the one that got closed. I doing this before they all get closed.

    Custom Sizes: Closed one.
    The game engine recognizes AC/At mod of custom sizes added to creaturesize.2da but does not allow any size bigger then huge (custom size +1(gargantuan) only can equip 2 handed, +2(colossal) size up from Huge cannot equip any weapons) AI cannot equip any weapons. Just some thoughts on this, if I make custom new base weapons that are bigger/smaller, will standard feats work with them (weapon focus etc..)? The way the engine reads the creaturesize.2da is smallest at the bottom to biggest at the top, so that leave only 0 row for a custom smaller size in relation to weapon equip. So basically I want to add in the other D&D sizes and have them follow the rules in relation to equipping weapons. This is discussion you can decide about, maybe add the other sizes and have engine custom fit them or unlock bigger size to be treated as huge or gargantuan so that the NPC can equip something and we can put restriction/bonuses with itemproperties on though weapons or add in weapon siz es +1 / -1 that work with weapon feats(that be the ideal, closest to the rules, but I know that be a pain and could cause confusing to non-D&D people).

    Spell ability cap: So yes, I guess it does need a trello
    Can we get special abilities spells cap of 15 in the tool-set removed or at least raised to like 100 custom spells may have high level inputs of this and at lest 40 should be allowed.

    Door and Triggers to be able to cast spells:
    Can we get doors and trap triggers(I believe it because the trigger is destroyed in the process, maybe a dummy caster or a slight delay after the cast or script is ran) to cast spells. I believe only placables can.

    Need new function GetSavingThrowSubType(object oTarget,int Save, int iSaveType):
    Can you guys add
    //Returns bonus amount / negative of saving throw type on target
    //from feat and equipment and effects.
    int GetSavingThrowSubType(object oTarget,int iSave, int iSaveType)

    This would save on cycling equipped items and from feat checks. Using in custom saving throw function, but can see other uses.


    So I guess I suggest other get there feature request out of feature request and start posting them in the forums.

  • ShadooowShadooow Member Posts: 394
    edited June 2018
    Meanwhile this gets done by BeamDog, builders can modify caster level of any spell used as special ability with community patch. And not just caster level but also DC, metamagic, saving throw type, well almost anything just by setting variable on npc...

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