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The struggle is real! Naming your adventures

Here's the thing. I like roleplaying my characters, up to certain extent.
My paladins are always Seraphina's, my bards are either Melusina or Charlotte, my druids are either Morgana's or Gwenllian/Saga's, my clerics are Dorothea's.... you get the picture.... Yes, I play Female party 100% of the time.

But I'm yet to find great name for thieves or barbarians....

Do you have some similar quirk? I hope I'm not too weird.



  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,569
    While this is certainly stereotypical of me, I find Norse names to be pretty fitting for Barbarians, though they are also inherently cool.
    Astrid, Brynhild, Gudrun, etc.

    Rogue names need to sound quick, or michievous.
    Fiora, Tress, Kris, etc.

    I tend to play a lot of female characters in games, I think this goes all the way back to Streets of Rage where I would always play as Blaze. While its a more recent development for BG, I do have a few staple names I stick with.

    I like Fiora for quick agile melee characters. Gudrun is my go to for more strength types. I use Tolkien's Black Speech for demi humans. Korb, Prral Ognir, etc.

  • SharGuidesMyHandSharGuidesMyHand Member Posts: 2,471

    Here's a random collection of names that I've used for female characters in the past:


    Maybe you can find one or two that tickle your fancy?

  • Dev6Dev6 Member Posts: 697
    Most people on this forum can probably finish a couple chapters of BG/IWD faster than I can choose a party to play with.
    I feel like it's a big process, and I spend a lot of time constructing them, though it's far from being a chore. I have a lot of fun with it.
    I usually start by writing down a couple of ideas on paper. Do I want a thief? Do I want a paladin? etc.
    Then, when those first couple of ideas are written down, I'll choose some portraits that I feel would work well with the characters I'm trying to create, while adjusting if need be (ex: I was thinking of having a human shaman, but I ended up chosing a half-orc shaman instead because I saw a nice portrait).
    I also try to imagine what their personalities would be like. Why are they adventuring together, etc.
    The actual names are usually the very last thing I chose, but don't get me wrong, there's some thinking involved in it too.

    This thread here has some cool name ideas.

    To quote myself from that thread:

    As for the names, I usually try to pick something that fits either the class or the race of the character.
    For humans, I usually use a lot of Latin (both real latin and pig latin lol) or modify normal names to sound more fantasy-like. For Elves I go with nature-oriented names. Half-Elves would be somewhere in between those two. Half-Orcs have barbaric-sounding names, as if their names were grunts or unintelligible by humans. Dwarves tend to have iron/stone/battle related names, or something inspired by LOTR. Gnomes and Halflings I, uh... I only ever made ONE halfling character, and no gnomes at all.
    I also get inspiration from a lot of fantasy name generators online. I don't think I ever actually used a name from one, but I've modified them to suit my tastes.
    I do hope that helps.

    Just as an idea, here's the current party I'm taking through IWD.

    Karazum, a male half-orc Blackguard
    Asterion, a male minotaur Berserker
    Aleena Carrack, a female human Swashbuckler
    Inyakha, a female, half-orc Shaman
    Lyria Capella, a female half-elf Bard
    Shi'nil Onyxia, a female half-drow Cleric/Ranger

    You will also notice I've been having some fun with EE-Keeper. :tongue:

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