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How to create a custom Races and Classes

With Patch 1.75 new races could be added to a list in the same way new classes could be added. This is great news allowing people like me to start building the game I want. For the past few hours I have been searching on the forums for the How-to-guide of doing this. Sadly I haven’t even found the patch notes.

One of my professors taught me there are many right ways to code things. So I am asking for the community to add to my knowledge in helping me (and others like me) in creating a simple to follow guide for adding new classes and races.

In another post a kind user provided the PDF which showed what was in the 2DA. I would request that such is taken a step further. For example:

1) Download X from _______.

2) Open up the 2da which default location is X.

From there explain the terms, show a sample class, mention if creating new spells list (such as merging arcane and spell caster or adding a new domain) is possible. Finally how to add it to a module.
Yes this would be some work and if I knew how to do it I would. I don’t so I ask one of you who are more knowledgeable to create such a guide for me and others such as myself who would love to be able to do such.


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