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Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition



  • TJ_HookerTJ_Hooker Member Posts: 2,438
    I guess IWD could use and enhanced edition, and there's a decent chance I'd buy it, but I can't get too worked up about it as there a bunch of things I'd rather see first. Obviously there's BGII:EE. From there I would like to see a PST:EE (way more than a IWD:EE). Then we have the possibility of BGIII to think about.

    So yeah, while I don't IWD:EE is a bad idea, I think there are too many things that should be done before it to really even think about it at this time.
  • toanwrathtoanwrath Member Posts: 621
    YES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and with NPCs please.

    They could be optional, as in you could make your own party of 6 if you wanted to still (or some of each). My favorite mod was the Gibberlings mod that added 5 NPCs in: they each had banters, relatively good (and logical) stats, VOICE ACTORS, and cool custom portraits. And they put emphasis on the PC being the party leader. Something like that with NPCs to find would be awesome.

    And if not NPCs, then just enhanced would be fine as well. Mo' enhanced is mo' betta!
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    @Shin I see u thar. Don't think I can't see your vote. We meet again my friend.

    You wanna argue about IWD like the good old days? ;D
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    edited November 2012
    I have never played but its on my wishlist (^_^ )

    *Panther Style!!!
    Post edited by JariahxSynn on
  • HexHammerHexHammer Member Posts: 288
    Unfortunaly I don't really like some of the maps of IWD it's mostly zigzagging and the city map are long narrow paths ><
  • KnolandKnoland Member Posts: 206
    IWD was a wonderful game to compliment a Baldur's Gate experience.. For rpgers like me it offers more content and You can import Baldur's Gate characters so it's just extra fun.
  • ARKdeEREHARKdeEREH Member Posts: 478
    Knoland said:

    IWD was a wonderful game to compliment a Baldur's Gate experience.. For rpgers like me it offers more content and You can import Baldur's Gate characters so it's just extra fun.

    How do you "import Baldur's Gate characters" into Icewind Dale?! I always wanted to do that, but couldn't figure out how.
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,334
    I think the part about IWD:EE that I would like the most is the improved spell system from BG2. It would make some of the battles in IWD much more interesting.
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,334
    edited November 2012

    Lets say Overhaul does not do a IWD:EE. How hard would it be for a modder to do it, port IWD content into the new Infinity Engine: Enhanced?
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  • patbakerpatbaker Member Posts: 21
    Bg1 is what got me started playing d&d on PC and then icewindale I enjoyed both games would love to see iwdee
  • styggastygga Member Posts: 467
    I was way too perturbed at the lack of character names. Everyone being called commoner until you talked to them made finding the quest npcs a struggle. And ultimately made me stop short.
  • LadyEibhilinRhettLadyEibhilinRhett Member Posts: 729
  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,613
    Yes, i would like, after BG II EE and Planescape: Torment EE, then, why not?

    But i just hope for the add of joinable NPCs on the game.
  • MordeusMordeus Member Posts: 458
    The only instance where I'd support an IWD:EE version would be once all options are explored or exhausted with BG:EE and BG2:EE, where the developers are so creatively tapped where they themselves could not see themselves going further with Baldur's Gate. I've played through IWD and IWD2 only once out of curiosity but I could not see myself doing anything different a second time round. A replay for me would be just going through the motions. However with the Baldur's Gate series nearly every play-through I make is radically different from the other. I would rather see the Baldur's Gate series expanded with further DLC content than to divide time between that and the Icewind Dale franchise.

    I honestly don't know what could be added or enhanced in Icewind Dale to make me want to play it above Baldur's Gate. To me the problems with the Icewind Dale franchise is so embedded within the game's DNA that it would require a massive overhaul, one that would start from the ground up. The absence of NPCs with big personalities and the extreme linear structure of the story is just too confining. But for every NPC or questline added to Baldur's Gate through DLC, that would warrant another playthrough from me. I've already played BG and BG2 a dozen times to explore what every NPC and quest has to offer. The many possibilities of Baldur's Gate is what sucked me in to start with.

    The benefit of IWD being suited towards multiplayer seems to be negated somewhat by additions like The Black Pits. Oddly enough for me, I actually find the story of Baldur's Gate adds to the multiplayer experience. One of my favourite things to do with multiplayer is to remove CHARNAME with the cheat console and then swap him with either Khalid or Minsc, whilst traveling with a friend who plays as either Jaheira or Dynaheir. I even did that trick once when I was Garrick and two friends were Eldoth and Skie.

    So I vote no. If an IWD:EE was to come into reality I would not touch it, it's just not my game.
  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,278
    @Ward Haha, one day to go and you still watch IWD like a hawk huh. 8)
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    @Shin Fo shiz'. Word.
  • Aasimar069Aasimar069 Member Posts: 803
    Let them do it AFTER BG2 and Planescape Torment ;-)
  • CluasCluas Member Posts: 348
    edited November 2012
    Nice to see all the response, im actually surprised that so many want to see this.

    I would like to see IWD:EE just for one reason. Being able to zoom in and out.

    It would be awesome to have a few areas added, to make the game feel less linear. And as the modders say, much stuff could be implemented.

    Thanks for all the reply's.... Owerwhelming :)
    Post edited by Cluas on
  • CluasCluas Member Posts: 348
    By the way, there is already a mod out there, that lets you add NPCs to your party. I never tried it, but it's called .... wait for it - ..... IWD NPCs

    So what's up with all the nay-sayers :p
  • CluasCluas Member Posts: 348
    I could imagine new areas in the following way. For instance when you are told to go from Kuldahar to Severed Hand, i always found it strange to click on the map, and then i have arrived. It would have been even more fun to have to go through a couple of wild-area maps that lead to dead-ends, before stumbling onto the path that leads to Severed Hand.

    Just an example, it could be done with almost all the chapters, also in HOW

    Come on Beamdog, it's going to be AWESOME !!!
  • CalmarCalmar Member Posts: 651
    If you turn IWD into some sort of BG, it's no longer IWD. IWD is more of an interactive novel while BG I and II are largely open-world games where you are expected to do tons of things that lie beyond the main plot. Charname is the centre of the story.

    In BG, you find adventure; in IWD adventure finds you.

    In IWD, it's the party and a more complex, and naturally linear, storyline. Adding tons of side-quests and stuff unrelated to the storyline just weakens the atmosphere of the game. Better fill the large roamable map of BG I, or better BG II, with even more exciting side plots and adventures. :)
  • MyNameIsRobMyNameIsRob Member Posts: 36
    Do we know yet which project is next on their list?
  • Allen63Allen63 Member Posts: 53
    Mordeus said:

    The only instance where I'd support an IWD:EE version would be once all options are explored or exhausted ..

    I honestly don't know what could be added or enhanced in Icewind Dale to make me want to play it above Baldur's Gate...

    The entirety of the quoted post pretty much sums up my position. However, I am "flexible".

    Also, there is already an Ice Wind Dale 3D remake that uses the NWN2 engine and sticks to the original story. I've been playing it recently. Not much need for an updated 2D version.

    Still, I could be interested by reason of nostalgia for the original -- only if the Enhanced Edition dramatically improved the graphical presentation (which I found dull in the original 2D game) with, for example, all new hi-res textures. If it did, I might pay $20 or less for the 20 or so hours I would play it out of nostalgia (almost certainly wouldn't finish it).

  • KurumiKurumi Member Posts: 486
    .. of course!!! .. it's one of my favorite RPGs of all time!!!
  • BabylonBabylon Member Posts: 10
    No. I played it 10 years ago and it wasn't that bad, but it has absolutely no replay value because of the linear story and the fact that you create all characters in the party yourself at the start (so no background, no interactions, no romance etc.) I had to invent and imagine all that myself while playing. ;) Moreover, no charismatic NPCs. So what's left - D&D combat simulator? Not worth it, I think. Make BG2 and PS:T instead. Or even Fallout. Icewind Dale is inferior to all them.
  • MedullaOblongataMedullaOblongata Member Posts: 434
    Icewind Dale?
    I never played IWD. I'm more interested in Planescape Torment EE.
  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 2,518
    Shameless, shameless plugging ahead.

    Lets say Overhaul does not do a IWD:EE. How hard would it be for a modder to do it, port IWD content into the new Infinity Engine: Enhanced?

    Being a huge IWD fan and one of the folks who worked on both BGT and Tutu, I thought I would be able to turn my abilities to port IWD into BG2. Most of it was pretty straightforward and easy, but some of it--namely creature animations--was a seemingly insurmountable problem. I flailed around for a few versions, got a somewhat half-ass version working and then took a couple of years off of modding. Enter @DavidW.

    Not a lot of people realize this, but David wrote an entire tool to make SCS scripting easier and to automate a lot of repetitive tasks that he found himself doing. He took a look at what I was trying in IWD-in-BG2, re-wrote a lot of it, solved the major issues with animations, and has basically carried the core of the mod as I nibbled around the edges.

    The upshot of all this is IWD-in-BG2, now at version 7.13. While still labeled a beta, the results we've gotten from playtesters show a pretty stable game with some additional bugs to be worked out. As an added bonus, my IWD mods (UB and Item Upgrade) both work, Kulyok's IWD NPCs work (and without all of the jiggery-pokery it needs for regular IWD), Fixpack is already included, and BG2 Tweaks works on it as well.

    Now, David and I have already talked, and have pledged a severe beating to the first person who asks us to port this to BGEE. If IWDEE gets made, the good news is that David and I can offer lot of insight to the Overhaul folks to make it an easier and faster process (hint, hint, @CameronTofer). If it doesn't, our immediate goal is to make sure it works as well as it can on the existing BG2 engine, which we're still a ways from.
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,800
    Interesting how strong support seems from this unofficial poll. IWD and its sequel were among the poorest games I played from that era. The game engine really isn't a good combat engine, and that seemed to be all that IWD brought to the mix.

    Anyway, I guess my answer should be: if it's profitable for BD/OVHL, then yes. I answered from a 'do I think it's worthy of being re-made?' perspective. My opinion is no, as this would delay/detract from BG goodness and possibly PS:T remake. Aside from that, I guess I don't really care, as I wouldn't buy or play it in either case. Once was one time too many for me.
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