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Icewind Dale : Enhanced Edition



  • The_New_RomanceThe_New_Romance Member Posts: 839

    they should remake all the d&d games! :D

    I sure would like to fight the Mulmaster Beholder Corps in the Infinity Engine, oh yeah :)
  • xconvertagentxconvertagent Member Posts: 1
    YES pleeeaaaaase!!!
    I will buy for it, i swear. I buy the old versions of BG1, BG2, IWD1, IWD2, NWN1, NWN2, and PS: Torment.
    I would like to feel the sensation playing those games again. for the enhanced editions i have already bought these BG1 and BG2. Please "enhanced" them :)
  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited November 2013
    They need to move on. Instead of enhancing they should be advancing !!
  • roachtbproachtbp Member Posts: 42
    edited December 2013
    Absolutely!! Please do IWD:EE!!!

    They could add all the sub-races from IWD2, add all the kits from BG2, add new items, and fix any bugs that remain in the original IWD (don't know if there are any bugs in the original IWD or not).

    Making a party of 6 with all sub-races and all kits available would be awesome!! Imagine the possibilities!!!
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  • ChowChow Member Posts: 1,192
    Well, sticking IWD2's engine to IWD will be a little more tricky than it was with BG, because there is no such special edition or mod that has already done that before and that you could just implement. But otherwise, yeah, I agree.

    Just don't copy the terrible interface too.
  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,164
    To put it simply Icewind Dale is more Minsc's kind of game

    Less talk more fight!

    They should add NPCs which would make it awesome. Even if they all show up in Easthaven or Kuldahar.
  • MornmagorMornmagor Member Posts: 1,160
    If by enhancing you mean, use BG(2):EE engine and kits and whatever in IWD, or make NPCs you can recruit, then, a big NO.

    If you mean improving the game visually, by improving the character art(the sprites) and everything else, which could retroactively affect EE of BG, then maybe.
  • roachtbproachtbp Member Posts: 42
    I don't like the idea of adding NPCs to IWD and IWD2. Just my opinion.

    I would just like Overhaul to expand the character creation options to include kits (not available in either of the IWD games), include sub-races (only available in IWD2), fix any bugs present in the original games that were never fixed (I don't know how many bugs are in the originals, but I'm sure there are some), and then add a few new items.

    That would be enough to encourage me to purchase the EE's of IWD and IWD2.
  • roachtbproachtbp Member Posts: 42
    Improving the graphics would be nice too, but not a big deal to me.

    Expanding the character creation options (kits, sub-races) is important to me because you get to make all 6 of your characters in the IWD games. I'm one of the few people out there who actually likes IWD better than BG simply because I have SOOO much fun making my party. I am so proud of my group of adventures after spending an eternity making the ultimate party. Having more character creation options makes it that much more fun!
  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,164
    IWDII had "kits" ie different priesthoods, different type of paladins, different types of monks etc but I wish there were more. also maybe add a lot more sidequests and stories.

    Or just a new IE game would be incredible

    If anything needs more to it its Temple of Elemental Evil. It has an AMAZING system/engine/whatever it is called in computer-speak since it is really the most faithful adaptation of Pen and Paper rules on a 3D computer game as I have ever seen.
  • roachtbproachtbp Member Posts: 42
    I forgot that IWD2 had some kits.

    And I too think Temple of Elemental Evil was an awesome game.
  • Chaotic_GoodChaotic_Good Member Posts: 255
    I might play the enhanced edition. I would still love to see Eye of the beholder enhanced edition. They did a "Remake" that was travesty on Game Boy Advanced. I really think these guys could do a good job of it like adding more class/race combos maybe some spells and if they were gods even duel classing options for players going into 2 and 3.
  • xxpavelxxpavel Member Posts: 1
    I love Icewind Dale, it was one of my first computer games and i love it.
  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,704
    As i said before (a long time ago), i have no qualms in see an Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, i would even enjoy a lot it probally, but FIRST, an Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition, cos IWD has a LOT of resources to be played with high graphics atm (Biggs widescreen, conversion of IWD to NWN2 engine...) while even with the upgrades, PS:T still sucks in terms of engine management of combat and graphic (what is completly ignored if you merge yourself in the most astounting and incredible history ever told).
  • ArkynomiconArkynomicon Member Posts: 52
    Hell yeah, I enjoyed Icewind Dale more than Baldur's Gate in every aspect.

    More than anything I would like a tablet version of it.

    I also hope romance doesn't get shoehorned in if it gets made.
  • TheSargeTheSarge Member Posts: 20
    Very yes. And also yes.

    Only caveat I'd insist on is that IWDEE use the original soundtrack. BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER! Accept no substitute.

    Oh, and of course it must come with Heat Of Winter and Trials Of The Luremaster.
  • MusaabMusaab Member Posts: 94
    I would love to see IWD 1+2 in an Enhanced Edition. Please make it happen....we'll give you money for it :)
  • KaltzorKaltzor Member Posts: 1,050
    Haven't played much of Icewind Dale 1, I've played more of 2 and I like it.
  • Mrpenfold666Mrpenfold666 Member Posts: 428
    i just noticed this poll so ill put my input, i heard great things about icewind dale so i bought it with heart of winter and...i just couldn't get into it, maybe its the you start with a 6 person party that you make fully was just Meh! and i couldn't play it for more than ten minutes because the start interested me less than BG's start and yes, its a rubbish start to the same (you find yourself in front of the inn.....carry on) but BG started to get momentum after you bought gear and messed around in candlekeep in icewind dale its just "your here because your adventurers and adventurers go places because of reasons! now go do this"

    i dont know, if Overhaul can improve the intro and find a way to make me think why i should do what the first dude said then ill buy it, if not ill get around to forcing myself through the prologue when i have free time which is rare because of work
  • PheromanPheroman Member Posts: 1
    Remember plane scape torment that was the shit aswell
  • DKnightDKnight Member Posts: 307
    I hated Icewind Dale. I really did. It was one of the worst games I have played along with its sequel. Even Geneforge 1 which is much harder is better because it actually has an awesome story, cool plot and what not. Icewind Dale series is usually the last infinity engine game you will hear of. Planescape has a clutch story, Baldurs gate is awesome and has a great story. Icewind dale has neither. In Baldurs gate 1 and 2 you could with proper equipment, make a thief, bard or non-fighter class into a relatively decent combatant.

    In Icewind dale, Bards, Clerics, druids, thieves and other non fighter classes will get destroyed if thrown into melee combat. The only strategy in the game is to make 6 characters in a party and make most of them either spellcasters and fighters or opposite. Throw in a cleric and that's the strategy.

    In Baldurs Gate, you could make a party of 4 work or 3 or even 2 or 1. In icewind dale you cannot. The game creators were at a low time in their life when they made that game. I'd say leave it alone unless the game really turns itself around (which would take a lot).
  • DKnightDKnight Member Posts: 307
    toanwrath said:

    Well, I disagree that you can't make a party of less than 6 work (I've gone through IWD with a party of 4 and with a party of 3), but I agree that mostly fighter types help power through the long and repetitive combats of IWD sometimes. I use a bard for the later level songs to great advantage, I make my thief a fighter/thief, my cleric sometimes a fighter/cleric, and rarely use druids.

    I guess the thing is that I really like making a thief or bard or even druid character in those games-that can fight even moderately ok. Its like playing the underdog that works but isn't supposed to. In baldurs gate 1 and 2, there are kits for thieves and bards to make them powerhouses somewhat. But in icewind dale that doesn't work. If the iwdale 2 system was for iwd 1, then I might be able to do it. I just don't like using all fighters because with my reflexes and past experience with turnbased games, It would be too easy and no fun.

    Its more fun to make a character with flaws rather than a powerhouse with no weakness in battle. Better cross NWNights off the list!
  • CantabCantab Member Posts: 56
    Absolutely, I get that people don't like the 'linear' aspect of it, though that never bothered me. The thing I do like about IWD in comparison to BG the is that you get to create your entire party and develop it throughout the whole game, instead of turning and burning NPC's that already have pre made stat's.

  • CantabCantab Member Posts: 56
    Calmar said:

    What could possibly be enhanced or improved upon Icewind Dale? The game has an exciting, well-rounded story with cunning villains, it has beautiful and thrilling areas and dungeons, a perfect soundtrack, awesome character portraits, loads of cool items, two add-ons and diverse encounters.

    Graphics and Boo.
  • Kharnath586Kharnath586 Member Posts: 9
    I would love to see them make all enfinity engine games into enhanced editions, mabie even ask for some asisstance from the original devs on IWD2 since it was such a rushed project, mabie they would be interested, ("just a thought"). dont get me wrong, I will love all these games to the death no matter what is done with them, thank you Black Isle and D&D for such a wonderfull harmony of d&d 2nd and crpg brilliance!!
  • IoriYagamiIoriYagami Member Posts: 11
  • BoxrainmanBoxrainman Member Posts: 17
    According to Steam I played BG2EE 180+ hours and BG2EE 130+ hours. I am not nearly done and I would buy IWD1+2 EE without looking at the Price :)
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