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Does Spell Turning protect against Myconid Spores?

Both red and blue myconids have an innate "Spray Spores" ability, which can have one of three effects on the target: stun, panic, or berserk. For a solo Sorcerer, having access to only a limited number of spells, I need to know what's the best wizard spell to protect against it. It seems Mind Blank works well against both the panic and berserk (Resist Fear works only against panic), though I'm not sure about stun. However, I've not tried Spell Turning (I didn't choose it cause there aren't a lot of dangerous mages in the game).

I currently don't have access to my save files, so I can't try it myself, but anyways, does Spell Turning work against this ability? (If it does, it should offer decent protection, since "Spray Spores" is only a level 1 ability.) I'd appreciate any help. :)


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