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Trying to report bugs required another name and password

DwayneDwayne Member Posts: 37
I can't believe that I have to register another username and another password just to report bugs. The game is VERY buggy and crashes or does other weird things like going out of focus all the time. Sorry but I refuse to register again and have to keep track of more usernames and passwords just to report bugs. Why can't I use my Beamdog username and password? Beamdog is making things too complicated just to report problems. I am very frustrated right now. This game is unplayable.



  • dTddTd Member Posts: 171
    I felt the same way though I did end up creating 3 logins with passwords, one for this forum and one for my actual beamdog account, one for filing bug reports oh and one more for customer support, so in all 4 accounts were required, seems a joke but it's done nonetheless.

  • DwayneDwayne Member Posts: 37
    I am very frustrated. I have been waiting to play nwn again for some time. I get the chance to play for a long stretch of time and I get all kinds of problems. I thought the point of nwnee was to make the game more stable and playable with newer os. I am using windows 7 so it should work fine. I was even willing to report bugs but it should not be so hard.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,528
    We hear you!

    Unfortunately it can't be done differently right now.

    The forum is only the forum, the store is the store, the support site is the support site and the bug tracker is the bug tracker - all four different sites, with different logins.

    We thank you for your feedback.

    Please report issues you encounter at and our QA will get back to you. We're replying at that site each day, actively helping players. We understand your frustration.

  • grom56grom56 Member Posts: 49
    @JuliusBorisov , it all sounds good, but I reported an issue a while back, and never had anyone get back with me. Seems a reply is pretty much hit or miss.
    And if I may be so bold: Why is there no link here at the top of the page for you to go to the bug tracker?? I never can find that darn place... The Support link goes to some place called the ZENDESK.... not at all sure what that is.

  • DwayneDwayne Member Posts: 37
    The link looks like support only for Baldur's Gate and not for other games. Very confusing for many people. Many things need to change for bug reporting.

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