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MegaMod 3.13: Mazzy Romance, Clara NPC, Darkside Anomen, Flying Aerie, For The Evil, & more! (DONE)

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BCaesar and Ratatoskr's Multi-Mod:
1. All Things Mazzy: Friendship, romance, NPC conversations and more.
2. Keepable Clara (Human Hexxat) NPC: A mod to rescue Clara from Hexxat and have her join your party.
3. Darkside Anomen: An expansion for Evil Anomen
4. Minsc-Neera Romance
5. Flying Aerie
6. Dorn-HaerDalis Romance
7. Jaheira-Wilson Romance
8. For The Evil!
9. For The Good!
10. Other random stuff including a optional alternate Mazzy portrait and an optional Clara soundset! Check the full list below.

Written, edited, & coded by BCaesar and Ratatoskr.
First version posted on these forums: 1.027, posted on March 27, 2017.
Latest update: Version 3.13. January 21, 2023 (Use 3.13 for all versions of the game unless you really loved the single interjection from 3.12 that had to be deleted for EET compatibility)
Available Languages: English, Russian
Download location: This thread! (The mod is attached to this post).
You can also get it on Github here or as a 7-zip version for a smaller download.

This Megamod (AllThingsMazzy) is now complete, including the Mazzy romance & friendship and the other sections listed above. Sections 1-7 must be installed, but most can be turned off or ignored in game while sections 8-10 don't need to be installed. Additionally, if you want to use part of this mod's code in your own projects, just ask us; the answer is probably yes.

**Russian translation courtesy of p_zombie325. Clara soundset courtesy of energisedcamel. Alternate Mazzy portrait by Edvin.

Here is a summary of everything. Open the "spoiler" tabs to view more details about a particular project.

Main Install:
1) All Things Mazzy: Romance, Friendship and More!
This mod, as the title states, includes a Mazzy romance and a friendship, a way for her to join the Order of the Radiant Heart, numerous discussions between Mazzy and other NPCs, and many new interjections.

To get the full Mazzy experience, you should also install the For The Good component. Avoid this component if you want to be evil, as it gives many new chances for Mazzy to try to kill you.

A: Mazzy Friendship/Romance:
- Mazzy Initiated Friendship Talks at set times/locations during the game (SOA & TOB)
- Mazzy Romance: Quest to start the romance in SOA (starts after the Underdark) & TOB. The SOA Quest has a friendship version as well.
- Some romance talks at set times during the game
- Additional talks with Mazzy's family.
- TOB wraith scene and friendship/romance epilogues.
- Recurring Mazzy friendship/romance talks where you can choose the topic. (SOA & TOB)
- Breakup talks for many of the other romance options if you choose Mazzy over them.
- 3 TOB talks that do not require the friendship or romance.

B. Interjections, comments and reactions:
-Interjections and reactions by Mazzy throughout the game.

C. Imoen and Mazzy
- A series of optional friendship/romance talks that will play if you take Mazzy to Spellhold. Several alternate talks depending on who CHARNAME decides to romance.
- Includes 1 talk between Imoen and Viconia
- Talk sequence will continue/start in TOB if not already done.
- Includes additional dialogues if you are romancing Imoen or allow Aerie-Imoen using the Imoen Romance Mod.

D. Korgan and Mazzy conversations: 5 total (1 is an existing BG2 ToB conversation that was modified and moved. Parts of this series also play in TOB)
- The first conversation takes place 10 days after both are in your party.
- the 2nd when you rest in an inn after both the 1st conversation and their normal in-game banter have occurred.
- The 3rd when they're both in your party and able to talk again.
- The 4th conversation takes place several days after that. After this, he won't leave at high rep.
- There is also a stand-alone conversation in the docks if you talk to any of the commoner women there.

E. Jan and Mazzy conversations: 1 total. (Also in TOB)
- Takes place 3 days after both are in your party, upon rest in a dungeon or outside.

F. Viconia and Mazzy:
- Mazzy comments and reacts when Viconia is at the stake.
- An entire series of optional friendship talks. About 18 additional conversations in all.
- A few additional talks if you are romancing either one of them.
- 3 additional TOB only talks where Mazzy attempts to redeem Viconia.

G. Edwin & Mazzy conversations: 6 total (Also in TOB)
- They all trigger after the first Mazzy/Edwin banter as game time passes. Two will only play if you have an active Edwin romance.
- Additions to the Maevar quest sequence with Edwin as well. Should be compatible with alternatives.

H. Jaheira & Mazzy: 2 conversations (Also in TOB)
- Another two conversations may play if you romance one or the other.

I. Keldorn & Mazzy: 3 conversations (SOA & TOB)
-He will also sponsor her to join the Order of the Radiant Heart. This spans most of the game.

J. Mazzy & Valygar: 4 talks building off their in-game banters.
- 2 are TOB only

K. Minsc & Mazzy: 1 talk.

L. Minsc, Jan, & Mazzy: 1 talk.

M. Mazzy & Lilarcor: 2 talks

N. Two quests with the harlots at the Docks. Talk to a harlot w/ Mazzy in your party. Talk to her again if/when you've destroyed the Shadow Thieves.

Note: To get the full Mazzy experience you should also install "For The Good", mentioned below.

2. Keepable Clara NPC (Human Hexxat)
Exactly what it sounds like. We have reworked the end of the Hexxat intro quest so that you can kill Hexxat to keep Clara. She is a Neutral-Evil thief who can change her kit type at will. Although Clara starts out relatively weak, she levels up quickly and gains stats and abilities as she banters with other party NPCs. You can also start a new ToB game and summon Clara to join you. (Now with an optional soundset)

- Exactly what it sounds like. We have reworked the end of the Hexxat intro quest so that you can kill Hexxat to keep Clara.
- You do not need Mazzy in your party to trigger this option. Just murder Hexxat in Dragomir's tomb and make sure you pick up her sack afterward.
- She should be summonable in TOB regardless of your choices and has multiple epilogues.
- Clara's soundset is optional, but if you turn on subtitles, she does have lines for all the standard comments.
- To change her kit, reform your party and remove her. The option will appear in the conversation when she talks to you afterward.
- Clara has banters/talks with every NPC (+ the Saradas TOB mod). Most of the banters improve Clara in some way and while a few are exclusive to either SOA/TOB, the majority will play in TOB if you do not see them in SOA.
- She also has interjections throughout the game (SOA & TOB)
- An additional intricate scene if you kick her out of your party while at war with the Shadow Thieves, particularly if you have active romances.
- If you don't romance Anomen, Clara will do it for you. However, she has her own agenda and the romance goes down a very different path once he takes his test. Both SOA and TOB content, including a wraith scene. (optional)
- 8 Clara-Mazzy talks on philosophy (2 are optional and mutually exclusive)
- 2 NPC quests involving Rose Bouquet & another quest exclusive to ForTheEvil (see below). The 1st NPC quest will start once Aran is dead while the second NPC quest & FtE quest can only be done in Chapter 6.

3. Darkside Anomen: An Expansion for Evil Anomen
This adds additional content to Anomen if he fails his test. This is basically complete and is semi-optional.

- The bulk of the content requires someone to romance Anomen, however if you don't want to romance him then Clara can do it for you, leading to the same dialogues and benefit. Once the romance is complete, you can remove one of them from your party without affecting the other. Works in both SoA and ToB.
- An alternate ending the CN romance if Anomen fails his test. Now you can help him with Cor without losing him forever. This includes new TOB epilogues and a minor SOA quest.
- Fix to assign Anomen appropriate sound files if he fails his test
- Anomen no longer objects to Dorn's first quest after he fails his test. This helps you actually keep him in an evil party. Includes some extra lines/CN options as well.
- A talk at the beginning of TOB that lets you choose his past.
- Fix for the Anomen romance if you break it by accident.
- Various interjections & fixes for evil Anomen.

4. Minsc-Neera-Boo Romance: A romance of miniature giant proportions. (Optional)
What none of you asked for, but you all secretly wanted. This is essentially finished, though we may add some more talks, interjections, and so forth as we feel like it. Now includes epilogues and a wraith scene too.

- Minsc, Neera, and Boo!: ~23 Talks (because BCaesar is an incorrigible matchmaker). Most will play in SoA or ToB. A few of them are ToB only, including their Wraith Scene.
- Neera-Aerie: 1 witch talk in SoA.
- This will start if both are in your party and you are not romancing Neera. If you do romance Neera but end the romance, it will start soon after.

5. Flying Aerie (Optional)
This is a mod for Aerie to get her wings back. It is finished, though as usual we reserve the right to add more later. There are three paths toward getting her wings back: the regeneration route, the Edwin route, and the Spell-Store route. All three routes can start in SoA and can be pursued simultaneously. They all finish in ToB. Like almost everything we write, you can pick up in ToB where you left off in SoA, so there is no need to stay in SoA just to finish (or even start) Flying Aerie.

- Viconia & Aerie: 5 conversations (SOA & TOB)
- Edwin & Aerie: 5 conversation (2 SOA & TOB, 3 TOB only)
- Jaheira & Aerie: 1 conversation (SOA&TOB)
- Adjusted TOB dialogues/epilogues to account for her wings
- 12 Aerie Talks (9 both SOA/TOB, 3 TOB only talks) as she tries to regain her wings. (Optional)
- 11 NPC talks related to Aerie's wings (10 SOA/TOB, 1 TOB only)
- 6 NPC/CN Talks on the Wizard Wings Path (SOA & TOB)
- 2 store talks where you can ask about Aerie's wings (SOA)
- Find the right wizard, get Aerie's wings (TOB only)

6. Dorn-Haer'Dalis Romance (SOA & TOB) - (Optional)
Another optional NPC romance, because evil people need love too. This romance will begin in either SOA or TOB (continuing into TOB if you start it earlier) and includes lots of snarky comments on all sides. Not to mention the joy of Haer'Dalis and his florid poetry.

- About 25 talks (some specific to SOA/TOB or mutually exclusive), including a wraith scene and an Aerie conflict.
- Also includes additions to Dorn's quest with romance interjections & options throughout, various other interjections, new TOB epilogues, & some changes to Dorn's leaving dialogue.
- You will get the most content if they are committed before Spellhold, but it is not required.

7. Jaheira-Wilson Romance (SOA & TOB) - (Optional)
An optional romance between Jaheira and the secret NPC Wilson, that absolutely no one asked for and we wrote anyway. It will begin in SoA once you have both in your party if you are not romancing Jaheira yourself.

- SOA: NPC romance spanning ~26 love talks on a timer and three other talks based on events
- These talks will continue into TOB, and there are another 6 talks if you finish them before the Wraith Scene
- Interjections where appropriate with an active romance
- Includes code to make getting Wilson in your party more obvious.

8. Miscellaneous Stuff

1. Expanded Maevar Quest
- Both the Talos and Lathander Temples figure out that you stole from them for Mae'Var and you have the option of returning the necklace and statuette later.
- This triggers whether you have Mazzy or not, and will hopefully stop breaking the game now.
2. A fix in the Underdark so drow bands won't attack while you're disguised
3. A bugfix in the Copper Coronet so that you can actually get into the back with Lehtinan's permission. This allows you to side with the slavers or lie to infiltrate their operations.
4. Bugfix for Minsc actually rejoining your party after being charmed by Irenicus' dryads.
5. Additional drow massage options in Ust Natha.
6. If you're fighting the thieves and didn't do Mae'Var's quest, you can now kill the man at the front desk to unlock the doors to the guild.
7. Added a minor dialogue to wrap up Dorn's SOA quest
8. You can now sell the Cloak of Dragomir to Bodhi if you're working for her.
9. If Dorn gives up his patron, he can pledge service to an evil god at their temple to regain his awesome powers. Check your local evil temple for details.
10. An expansion for the Windspear Hills Quest to make the Order turn on you if you forget Garren Windspear's help. You can now fight your way to peace or victory if you're strong enough.
11. Re-added the Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart to fight you if you attack the Order of the Radiant Heart (they exist in game, but the way they're coded most people will never see them).

Mod Installation Part 2: For the Evil (optional)
Additional mod options that may be off-putting to some good players. We write our evil characters as fairly awful people in the main mod and this explores them more in depth. However, this is actually less disruptive than Hostile Mazzy to a normal game and we quite like how most of it turned out.

1. Korgan/Hexxat Friendship (SOA only).
- A series of 7 optional banters that trigger if you keep both NPCs in your party, leading to an odd and somewhat creepy friendship. Several talks will only trigger on rests outside, so try mixing things up if they haven't talked in a while.
- The first one starts after the in-game Korgan-Hexxat banter.

2. Sarevok/Viconia Relationship (TOB only).
- A series of about 5 romance talks following from their canon banters. The first will only trigger on rests in the pocket plane so keep that in mind.
- Another romance talk if CN was romancing Viconia.
- This will play if you are romancing Viconia. It will not play if you're romancing Sarevok using the Sarevok Romance Mod.

3. Viconia/Hexxat Something.
- 4 optional conversations (SOA & TOB) that play after their first in-game banter and before their last one.
- If you have a banter accelerator enabled you'll probably need to travel/rest a lot to see them all (since their final in-game banter ends the "relationship").

4. Bodhi NPC (SOA & TOB). She's fully functional, with some banters, dialogues, and epilogues. She is unlikely to get more content.
-SOA content is available if you worked for her in Chapter 3. All good party members are incompatible with her and will object to her being in your party. She is also the enemy of Drizzt and the Order of the Radiant Heart.
- Banters with Korgan, Clara, and Edwin
- Character sounds
- 2 Bodhi-Hexxat Talks
- Interjections
- Should be completely compatible with the Ascension Mod (the game will register this and Ascension Bodhi as two different characters).

5. Bodhi-the-Elf NPC:
At the end of SoA, should you direct Bodhi to accept Queen Ellesime's offer, Bodhi-the-Elf will ask to come with you. She is a Chaotic-Evil Elven monk. Good NPC's will again travel with her except for Mazzy, Anomen (if he's still with the Order), and Keldorn. Bodhi-the-Elf is a relatively quiet Easter-egg (much like the Wilson NPC was in BG2EE).

6. Viconia in Ust Natha:
- Expanded quests and dialogues for Viconia when she's in the city of the drow.
- Taken to its most evil conclusion, you can find yourself leading a demon and a small army of drow against the elves.
- Some crossmod content with objections for good mod NPCs (The ones I happened to have installed while coding this).

7. Viconia's Peace:
- A final quest for chapter 6/7 that builds off the Viconia-Clara banters and has minor crossmod content with a variety of NPCs. You must have defeated Bodhi and gotten the last Clara-Viconia NPC banter before this quest becomes available. We do not recommend starting this quest until you have finished everything you need to before the end-game... and that's all we're going to say about that.

8. Miscellaneous Evil Options For the Main Character
- An evil player option w/ the dryads in Irenicus' dungeon.
- Minor evil options w/ Tiiro & Auvala, and Am Si.
- Additional courtesan options in the Bridge District & Brynnlaw
- A more evil option with the dryad in the Windspear Hills
- More immediate evil option with Adalon in Underdark
- If you have items that belonged to Drizzt's Party and the wizard Malchor Harpell tries to take them back, you can fight him instead of automatically giving up the items.
- You may sell the Dawn Ring to the Temple of Talos instead of returning it to the Temple of Lathander.
- You may fight the elves in chapter 6 instead of doing what they demand.
- If you kill the Silver Dragon in the Underdark, you can now get Cromwell to make her scales into armor (the scales and armor already existed in ToB:EE).

Mod Installation Part 3: For the Good (optional)
Additional mod options that might be annoying for a truly evil party. With these, Mazzy and other party members will no longer sit idly by while you do horrible things. This makes things more consistent with other good characters' reactions and we recommend installing it for the full Mazzy experience. However, if you plan to be evil and want Mazzy anyway, you should probably skip this part.

A. Hostile Mazzy: (Also in TOB)
- Mazzy now correctly attacks you if your reputation gets too low (it was coded but seemed to be bugged).
- Other characters now choose sides (or stay out of it) if Mazzy and Player 1 fight. Every character should talk so if a canon one doesn't, it's a bug.
- None of the options in CDTweaks to keep your NPCs from leaving will stop this from triggering. This is coded differently than the canon ones.
- Mazzy will also attack if you do anything too evil during certain quests, or attack the temples of Lathander, Helm or the Radiant Heart.

B. Hexxat/Mazzy conflict (both SOA & TOB).
- This includes a conflict both when you first get Hexxat involving most of your good characters and a Mazzy specific conflict if they are both in your party later. (If the conversation ends with Mazzy taking a couple people vampire hunting, try letting things play out).

C. Additional Mazzy Interjections
- Often right before she tries to murder you.

Mod Installation Part 4: "Do NOT allow duplicate TOB epilogues" component. (optional)
If you install this component then this mod's epilogues will override the standard TOB epilogues and most other mod epilogues. If you do not install this, you will get multiple epilogues where applicable (meaning you will see the existing epilogues, either from the game or from another mod you have installed, and our epilogues). No matter what you do, you will always see our epilogues; they are unbreakable.

Please note that other mods may still overwrite the standard TOB epilogues regardless of this choice. Additionally, mods installed after this mod may cause duplicate epilogues since ours cannot be turned off the usual way.

Mod Installation Part 5: "Soundset for Clara NPC" (Optional)
This will install a basic soundset for the Clara NPC, including selection sounds, action sounds, and some other comments. It does not add voiced dialogue to her other talks. The voiced lines mostly do not match the text that will appear for Clara when you have subtitles turned on. This is not a bug.

Mod Installation Part 5: "Alternate Mazzy Portrait" (Optional)
This component will install an alternate hi-res portrait for Mazzy instead of the default one. If you want to see it before you install it, you can find it under AllThingsMazzy/copy/Portrait after you download the mod.


AllThingsMazzy should be compatible with most other mods. We've worked hard to make it that way since Ratatoskr has a LOT of mods installed. However, we cannot guarantee that our content will mesh with all other mods in terms of NPC characterization/personality. We tend to write as though no other mods are installed since there's just too many to keep track of, and in some cases, we take existing NPC's in the opposite direction from what other mods chose to do.

In addition, we have tried to account for the following mods in our code, meaning that our rest scenes don't trigger concurrently and you may see different dialogue if you have those mods installed (for example, Imoen may have a different interjection if you have active romance). Some of the crossmod aspects require the other mods to be installed first, but we've tried to code compatibility based solely on triggers as much as possible. See the "List of Mods with Crossmod Content" file for more details.

-Friendships/Banters: Viconia Friendship, the IEP Banter Project (as of March 25th, 2017). The Mazzy Friendship shouldn't break our mod if you have both installed, but they don't mesh well thematically.
-NPC Romances: De'Arnise Romance, Edwin Romance, Haer'Dalis Romance, Imoen Romance, Keldorn Romance, Sarevok Romance, and the Yoshimo Romance. (Plus all canon romances) (Thematic compatibility varies)
-Miscellaneous Mods: Alternatives, Imoen4Ever, Saradas NPC (and about a dozen other NPCs), the Wilson Chronicles, Smiling Imp's BG1 NPCs , NPC Strongholds

Known Compatibility Issues:
1. NPC Strongholds will break one of our Mazzy quests if installed after this Mod. In order to avoid this, NPC Strongholds must be installed first so our fix will run.
2. The 'Improved fiends and celestials' component of Sword Coast Stratagems breaks our Ust Natha expansion because it replaces a script file that we use. You'll either need to install that component before this mod, skip that component, or do some Near Infinity editing afterwards.

A couple notes about the Mazzy friendship/romance:
While some talks will trigger at specific points, this friendship/romance is primarily nonlinear. You can choose what you talk about and as long as you're not a total asshole or super evil, Mazzy will be your friend. You cannot break the friendship otherwise, though you can ask her to stop talking to you, and her tolerance for jokes will increase over time. There is a sense of humor beneath that stern exterior. If you break the friendship by accident, you will have one chance to get it back.

For the romance, there are no restrictions on race, gender, or class. As long as your charisma doesn't suck and you aren't illiterate, you will have a chance (male halflings will have the easiest time, but 12 CHA is the highest stat requirement). You must complete Mazzy's quest and bring her with you to rescue Imoen in order to begin her romance in Chapter 6.

Romancing others will not stop you from romancing Mazzy, though for most romances, you will have to make a choice if you are already committed. It will be very clear when that moment comes and Mazzy generally won't care if you commit to another romance afterwards. Once the romance is active, you will have additional choices for your talks and depending on your choices, it can get fairly explicit. We don't have sex scenes per se but Mazzy is happy to discuss such things as frankly as you wish. The romance can be activated in TOB and an active romance can be continued.


Once installed, you shouldn't need to restart your game, though you may have already missed some interjections.

We have put so much redundancy into our coding that you should be able to have a couple conversations, kick Mazzy out of your party, delete the mod, play half the game, get Mazzy back in your party, reinstall the mod, and have it pick up right where it left off. You can break things if you try, but we've tried to make it difficult.

When reinstalling a newer version of this mod you should always uninstall the older version, delete the folder, and then copy in the new folder containing the later version of All Things Mazzy.

This thread is primarily for questions, reports of bugs or typos, and telling us how wonderful (or terrible) our mod is. Hopefully the former :)

Thank you.
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  • RVNSRVNS Member Posts: 285
    Congratulations on your release! Does Clara have interjections already or is it just additional writing for mazzy only?
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    Woo! You guys rock!
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    RVNS said:

    Congratulations on your release! Does Clara have interjections already or is it just additional writing for mazzy only?

    We wrote her interjections in a few other scenes as part of our mod. She also has a fairly complicated set of dialogues when you first get her, though they're not currently compatible with the bard stronghold quest. We plan to fix that and add more interjections/dialogues as we go.

    Honestly, the additional writing for Mazzy includes most of the other NPCs as well. They have unique interjections in our added scenes and sometimes Mazzy isn't even required. She's just the main focus/drive of the mod. Even Clara started as the realization that Mazzy's reactions in the Hexxat quest make no freaking sense.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    Do you guys have any plans to give her a boost on some stat? I've noticed that she's below the average from thieves in BG2EE (not counting Hexxat).
  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 469
    edited July 2018
    Raduziel said:

    Do you guys have any plans to give her a boost on some stat? I've noticed that she's below the average from thieves in BG2EE (not counting Hexxat).

    We could. I can't remember what stats I used for her when I first coded her (probably just the same as Beamdog gave her). Though come to think of it one of the strange things about BG2 is the complete lack of normal thieves. Nalia and Imoen are basically mages who have thief abilities, Yoshimo is story-specific, and Jan is multi-class (again as a mage). That was why the EE added Hexxat in the first place. Though Hexxat also gets various vampire specific abilities, so we could give Clara something else to make up for those.

    So yes, now that the idea is in my head we'll see if we can think up an excuse for some quest, item, or other nonsense to boost her up. We did want her to start pretty ordinary though since she is, but we also want her to be a viable addition to your party, since every character you get is one other character you can't get (opportunity cost and all that).
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  • BCaesarBCaesar Member Posts: 469
    Oh and Ratatoskr swears she fixed that bug I created where you do the priest stronghold quest to kill the Talos priestess and then Talos zaps your whole party. I haven't tested it as I don't have a good cleric character save.
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    It's fixed in my game, but my game is admittedly a total mess due to the number of installed mods so if anyone does have issues, just let me know. My game is great for testing compatibility but I sometimes lose track of the Canon variables.

    Oh and you can still get Clara as a bard. Just don't kick her out of your party once you get the stronghold. I need to write some extra code for that.
  • CaszidyCaszidy Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 301
    Sorry for my dumb question, but I am little bit lost/confused - does this version of the mod contain Mazzy romance, or not yet? o:)
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    Not yet. That part is still in progress. I'm coding this in the order we finish writing the different sections so the romance may be a while.
  • ckoeckoe Member Posts: 26
    Would this mod work with EET ? It is not mentioned in the compatibility list.
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    ckoe said:

    Would this mod work with EET ? It is not mentioned in the compatibility list.

    The next version should be compatible with EET, assuming I didn't screw up any of the coding. I can't test it because I don't have EET myself, but I've tried to put that in.
  • ckoeckoe Member Posts: 26
    OK, great to hear that ! I will keep an eye in this mod then. Thank you !
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    No ETA on the next version yet, but it is still in the works. I have too many projects that I'm trying to get done.
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    I'll have a new version up as soon as I figure out why my Tob dream scripts are refusing to trigger.

    Which, honestly, could be a while since I have no idea what's gone wrong.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    My heart fluttered there.
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    edited October 2018
    This next update is mostly cleanup and some streamlining/tob stuff, though there is some new talking as well.

    I could probably post it without the tob scripts if I had to but we're going to need them for the romance when we get there so I'd rather figure them out now. I'll also need them for some of the other conversations we have planned.
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  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    edited October 2018
    New version posted. As I stated before, this is primarily streamlining and cleanup, hopefully the next version will have more content. However, I did add a few more banters/interjections and adapted a number of things for TOB. Including Clara, though she doesn't have an epilogue yet or much of any dialogue.

    @ckoe If I did the coding right, the current version will be compatible with EET. However, I don't actually use EET myself so if you're willing to test it, I'd be grateful.

    And as always, please let me know if you have any issues. I haven't actually updated my game in a while since that's a pain with all my mods, but I'm hoping they haven't done anything too drastic recently.

    Also, finally, great thanks to argent77 over in general modding questions. Without them I'd probably still be trying to figure out why my scripts were wrong. And I owe a great deal of code to the Branwen mod as well.
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  • ckoeckoe Member Posts: 26
    Hello @Ratatoskr ,

    thank you very much for releasing this. I was planning to do a complete new EET installation after 2.5 was released for a too long time now and this is a good reason to actually do it. If I can figure out how to integrate this mod into the install I will try to test it and report back.
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    Sounds great. I would suggest throwing this on towards the end, after any major quest and area mods but before any tweaks.

    This will also be a good chance to test that it works on 2.5 since I forgot to check for game updates last time I did a mod reset ;-)
  • ckoeckoe Member Posts: 26
    Hello @Ratatoskr ,

    so I just started with actually doing something :-) Up to now I can report that on a clean 2.5 GOG version the first two mod components install without problems and I did not try to install the third ("Only for testers") one. So far so good.

    I am still in the component selection process with BWS, so nothing remotely concerning EET compatibility from my side yet.

    Best Regards
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    @ckoe Glad to hear it. Especially since my computer died on me and once I get everything reinstalled and set up again, I'll be coding on version 2.5 as well.

    So yeah, general announcement, but it may be a while before I can start coding again. Mazzy and all our word files are thankfully backed up but I still have to get all the right programs and my mods on the new computer.
  • ckoeckoe Member Posts: 26

    I am really sorry to hear that and I hope your backup is good (knocks on wood). On the other hand, apparently a 2.6 is expected this year according to the Beamdog livestreams. I hope that will not break too many things.

    Best Regards
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    I'd be surprised if 2.6 broke anything. Its a smaller scale patch than 2.5
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    edited November 2018
    @ckoe Thanks. I'm actually not too worried about the backup. I'm pretty sure mine works and I know my brother has the word files. If all else fails, I'll just pull Mazzy off this thread :-). It's reinstalling all my mods that will be the most annoying thing.

    As for 2.6, that's good to know but I doubt it will cause any issues like Thacobell said. Even if it ends up being a larger update, this mod is 90% dialogue, which makes things a lot more forgiving then the kit or spell mods tend to be.
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  • GrammarsaladGrammarsalad Member Posts: 2,582
    Ratatoskr said:


    We are releasing the mod in parts rather than trying to write and edit everything before coding so that there will be something playable if we ever disappear (instead of a grand idea ending up in the mod graveyard with so many others). And if we ever go AWOL for more than a year, this is up for grabs. Take it and run with it. Additionally, if you want to use part of this mod just ask us, the answer is probably yes.


    I like everything about this

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    *Keeps a watchful eye out for the Mazzy mod curse*
  • RatatoskrRatatoskr Member Posts: 720
    Don't worry, we may be slow, but we're determined :-)

    That said, I could easily see us adding things to this mod forever, even once the romance and other major points are done, so I'm not sure it will ever be officially complete.
  • zelazkozelazko Member Posts: 86
    Any one runs this mod fine without issues for BG2:SoA/BG2:ToB?
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    @zelazko I have pre- 2.5 and pre latest mod patch. Unless something new broke, you shouldbe fine. I haven't been able to reach BG2 yet because of other glitches and some new mod bugs in 2.5.
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