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World of Isandor - Survival

ChassChass Member Posts: 17

Server Type: Survival / Roleplaying / Sandbox / Persistent World

Greetings Everyone!
My name is Chass (Chastity) and i've decided to come back to NWN. I've ran numerous PW's that is either cutting edge with lots of custom scripting (i'm a coder by heart). Some can be named such as :

World of Isandor (NWN1)
Xenograph Arms d20 futuristic world (NWN1)
Xenograph Arms II (NWN2)
World of Isandor II (NWN2)
Armistice, A Starcraft Inspired Realm (NWN1)

What I want to do is bring back the cult classic Isandor I for NWN1. I miss NWN and I miss Isandor the most. Since EE is released maybe there will be a good group of roleplayers here.

Persistent World Description:
The world is a lush continent full of fallen civilization materials, Ranging from broken towers, castles and old homes and prisons. They are few and far inbetween. You'll encounter lots of plants, animals and materials that you would have to survive with. The continent is huge. Lots of space and lots of materials for you (and your clan, soon to be village or bustling player city) to work with. Create your own religion (if it gains enough followers the 'gods' may gift you important things. Create your own village rules. etc.

The world is designed to be sandboxed completely. We omit a lot of rulesets and character creation is open (within reason of course).

We will have a multitude of features such as :
Custom Crafting
Custom Spells (Vocal Spells)
Fishing, Farming, Home Building, and so much more.

We want you to play and have fun. There is only a base set of rules on the server

-Perma Death
-6 Second PVP Rule
-Respect players Out of Character

I have a lot of the source code for Isandor (since I use it in further iterations of NWN/NWN2) but I No longer have the original world. So at the moment i'm currently rebuilding. What I am going to do is allow players to play the world 'sector by sector'. Each sector released on a hopefully frequent basis.

I will keep this post updated but look for me mostly in Discord. Hope to see you there. I miss you all ;D

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  • snooblessnoobles Member Posts: 1
    Wow. I was thinking about Isandor and all the fun I used to have playing and searched to see if there was any instance of it still going on and ran across this post.

    I'd definitely be interested in playing and would actually buy the NWN EE just to play Isandor again.

    What I liked about the original was the roleplaying, a lot of great characters and storylines were created. I also liked the sense of tension in the world as it was low level survival and an encounter with a wolf (or even a badger) could quickly turn deadly if you weren't prepared or travelled alone. I liked the freedom you allowed your players to have and used their roleplaying and input to shape the world.

    Looking forward to making a new character or maybe bringing back an old favorite. Padril the Paladin was probably my favorite.


  • ChassChass Member Posts: 17
    Glad to hear old stores about Isandor. This iteration will have the exact feel. Except I will be making things a bit more consistent. Definitely spread the word.

  • ChassChass Member Posts: 17
    We are officially live. Our website is currently:
    We have a few people active on the server. I'm always active and Idle as a DM for questions and such and maybe an event here and there. We will be looking for 2 DM's in the coming future. Only active players will be chosen.

    The website is currently being worked on as well as the server but for the most part it is active and does have the full survival settlement aspect working.

    We are still 1.69. We hope to see you all ingame!

    Server IP:
    Roleplay Server

  • SunZhaoSunZhao Member Posts: 1
    Great server! Played on it before EE and now with EE out it's back, and new features are being added nearly every week. Admin is always friendly and listens to her playerbase. I'd honestly check it out, especially if exploration, building and homebrew enviroments are your thing!

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