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unfinished string in BG.lua

I cant start the Game because of a unfinished string in the BGEE.lua near
{"AR0205", "The Beho


How can i finish this string?


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,558
    Hi @Clockworker, the line looks like this:

    {"AR0205", "The Beholder Hideout (Unseeing Eye Plot)"},

    however, it is part of a large section called cheatAreas. The way it normally goes is:

    section = {
    {line 1},
    {lin 2},

    so in your instance:
    cheatAreas = {
    { "lots of area numbers", "lots of area names"},
    {"AR0205", "The Beholder Hideout (Unseeing Eye Plot)"},
    { "lots more area numbers", "lots more area names"},

    If it doesn't have the rest of the file, then it is likely corrupt and may benefit from a reinstall. If the rest is there and only the line is a problem, then you should be good to go. I would offer the version I have here but I am unsure what the difference is with language selection.


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