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Swashbuckler and Assassin bonuses don't work on dual class?

When I tried dualling swashbucklers they seem to lose some of their class bonuses permanently
namely these two
-1 bonus to Armor Class at 1st level, plus an additional -1 bonus every 5 levels.
-1 bonus to THAC0 and +1 bonus to damage rolls every 5 levels
They don't return even though the dualing process is finished.
The now finished dual characters don't have these bonuses.

The same thing also happened when dualing Assassins.
They lose
-1 bonus to THAC0 and +1 bonus to damage rolls.
Are these bugs , or intentional?. Please help.



  • borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 126
    The bonus should carry over. Sounds like something else went wrong. Did you use an editor to level these characters?

  • MangamancerMangamancer Member Posts: 17
    edited July 2018
    I only play unmoded and have never use an editor before.
    But I also didn't really play them since these are just experiments.
    What I did was create a SoA PC then dual class and export them to ToB
    to get an idea how he would be at the end of SoA experience level.

    This is how I found out these bonuses aren't carry over.
    ( I found out that Archer bonus does carry over though )
    Would be nice if someone could help try and confirm if it's only me or not.
    So that maybe we can do a bug report.

    this is my assassin dual to wizzard.

    see, no to hit and damage bonus.

    compare to before he dual.

    see that " ability bonuses +1 " and that " ability bonus -1 "

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  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,097
    Bug - Most dual-class combinations are leveled up when imported, which can reactivate their original class within the chargen process, preventing it's abilities from being applied.
    So far tested:
    Thief <-> Mage
    Druid <-> Fighter
    Fighter <-> Cleric
    Fighter <-> Mage

    Not Affected:
    Ranger <-> Cleric

  • MangamancerMangamancer Member Posts: 17
    Does that mean if I play them normally and not importing them they will work as intended?
    It's a scary thought to I put hours into playing a character with a risk of him being ruined by a bug.

  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,097

    Does that mean if I play them normally and not importing them they will work as intended?

    If you really want to import them though, you can:
    - create them in SoA as you were,
    - dual-class them,
    - open the debug console and give them 2500000 exp,
    - level them up (reactivating their original class),
    - then export and import them into ToB.

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