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Rasaad's Journey - ToB

Durmir46Durmir46 Member Posts: 110
edited July 2018 in Troubleshooting
I just finished the ToB part of Rasaad's Journey, and I thought a bit of feedback would be in order.

My main feedback is a question to the devs: could you please test this quest? Because apparently this has never been done. It is by far the most bugged piece of s**t I have played in a while.

Almost nothing works. I don't even know where to start with, but bugs are so obvious all the time that I do not believe this has ever been tested. Some bugs are actually fully blocking, even: I play a F/T, and I like traps (yeah, I know...). But almost everytime I used traps it led to a blocking bug where I had no choice but to force quit the game and recover an earlier save. When arriving on the first map for instance, the ambush: if I planted traps before the baddies come out of the wood, reboot. "Last" fight with Alogoth and his "dragon": if you plant traps before, prepare to reboot. I put quotation marks on "last", because bugs helping, you'll find ennemies all around even after this fight (for instance in the normal plane, there are plenty of shadows from a previous fight - they keep spawning -, that should have disappeared I believe, but no... I had to fight a good dozen of them). I put "dragon" in quotation marks also because if you put a trap before the chat (1 trap only, if you put 2 it kills it before whatever and then reboot the game because it's stuck again), the mage never transforms into a dragon (I realised it was supposed to be a dragon when I looted the scales off the body). By the way, this fight is absolutely horrendous. Even with protection from the negative plane on everyone, I found this fight harder than the final boss, and I did not even have to fight the dragon!!! Also, some clue at first that Alogoth is invincible would be nice to avoid spending a large portion of the fight watching my guys die while Alogoth just stands around like an idiot. Using the "wheel" thing was an absolute nightmare: nothing indicates you have to come back to the first room to use it, and I had to use it a total of 8 times (!!!!) for it to work, every time spamming the same lines of dialogue in the middle of dozens of shadows that kept eating the life out my guys in the meantime.
EDIT: oh, and to add insult to injury, I just got Cespenar to work on the scales, and it got me the same armor than the shadow dragon armor from chapter 2 of SoA... which is obviously 100% useless by now -_-

And these bugs are only a few! Everything is just messed up.

If you intend to add Rasaad in your team in ToB, just make sure to NEVER do his side quest. This was an absolute purgatory for me and I do not even know how many times I had to restart the game and get an earlier save to even get it to work in the first place.
Devs, please, either test this and fix it (and there's much to do), or simply remove the quest entirely, leaving it as it is is just plain ridiculous.



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,717

    Can you please zip and attach your saves to a report at for investigation?

  • Durmir46Durmir46 Member Posts: 110
    edited July 2018
    Yes I can. The saves may not help much (I suspect all the bugs are systematic), but I'll join them anyway. I'll try to list bugs as much as I can remember them all (there are so many... some small, some not so small), however at this stage I am fairly certain there are many more than those I will list. I cannot recommend enough this quest is thoroughly tested.

    EDIT: report created, let's hope someone will look into this

    Post edited by Durmir46 on
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