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Why, hello there! Looking forward to future discussions with you guys

New BG:EE player here.
Well, "new" is only maybe to playing the game. I read so much about it regarding gameplay (nothing spoilery), every basic thing. I'm sort of a completionist and a perfectionist when it comes to RPGs.

I'm 26, and I have never came close to actually playing these old games. Always thought they were too complicated and I didn't care much for the mechanics. I once tried BG2 at my cousin's house and I remember that wearing armor reduced your AP.. What the hell? So I forgot about it.

Until recently, when I wanted to try the most oldschool / classic RPGs in PC gaming. And going through oldest RPG games in Metacritic- right after Diablo 1, there was this wierd RPG I barely knew- Baldur's gate. So I read about it and watched youtube videos and slowly began to like it more and more.

Already at act 4 with my first character (not counting some tests characters) and I must say- this game has charm, wittiness and comedy that I never saw in an RPG.

My favorite example: Portalbendarwinden conversation. The long wall of text dialogue option is one of the most funniest and surreal dialogue option in any RPG ever.

Waiting for more and looking forward to talking with you guys.




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