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Toolset not previewing music

AnatidaAnatida Member Posts: 6
Since the last update I can not get the area music to play in the toolset (It was working fine before). I'm asking for some insight to make sure it isn't something on my end.

Previously in the toolset I could look at area properties/audio and be able to hear the ambient music selected under the "Music, Night" list, as well as battle music. Now neither of them will play.

I can hear the ambient and placed sounds just fine. I can hear the ambient music ingame.

I have toggled "Play Ambient Music" ad nauseam.

I have checked the options and made sure that Ambient Music Volume in the toolset is turned all the way up.

I have tried copying the .bmu files from the Beamdog Library into the Documents/Neverwinter Nights/Music folder...

I have opened the other modules that came with the game to make sure it wasn't something in my specific module. I had the same results with the Contest of Champions MOD.

I just can't seem to make the music play without being in game.

Thanks for any insight or suggestions!



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