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TextScreen Function

Hi All,

I'm experienced with modding the original BG games, but new to BG:EE. I'm trying to use the TextScreen function, but the 210x330 BMP image that normally appears in the left-hand frame (in the old game) is always blank. Furthermore, the text seems hard-wired to the game credits, ignoring my text ID value. Ideas of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!


  • switswit Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 495
    edited July 2018
    not sure if it helps but here is example TextScreen 2da file explanation

    2DA V1.0
    0 1
    DEFAULT -1 271356
    SONG 135
    change NONE to MOS file name (without extension)
    change song (optional) to value from songlist.2da
    change 271356 to tlk string number of your textstring text.
  • TrancingBearTrancingBear Member Posts: 17
    Thanks swit,

    In the old game it was a 210x330 BMP file (e.g., NIMEONL.BMP, but without the extension in the 2DA file). Has that changed? If so, how do I make a MOS file and what are the dimension requirements? Is there a way to make it work with BMPs? Thanks again.
  • TrancingBearTrancingBear Member Posts: 17
    I can confirm that only a MOS file is accepted in the BG:EE engine. It appears that 274x430 is the proper resolution. And it's simple enough to convert the BMP into MOS by using the DLCT editor. Thanks again Swit.
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