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dual classing a barbarian to druid (with mods)

ArthasArthas Member Posts: 1,091
If I dual class a barbarian to a druid, I'm wondering which weapon and armor I will be able to use.

Given that I'm Chaotic Evil, will I be able to wear the human skin?

What about the weapons? Can I use every weapon out there? Otherwise I can't explain why kensai\mage can use whatever weapons they want while barbarian can't.


  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,163
    edited July 2018
    Unless your mod change it, Druid always overrides equipment restrictions so you would only get to wear what druids can wear. Human skin is considered medium (edit: or maybe light even, I dunno) armor (non-metal) so if your mod allows you to be a chaotic evil druid, I think you could wear it. But I have never tried it, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Speculation; mage's can use and wear anything after dual-classing because the only thing prohibiting them from using them in the first place, is lacking knowledge. Druids and clerics have creedos, oaths or rules prohibiting them from using certain items, thus no matter what class your are coming from, their restrictions triumphs.

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  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,127
    Most restrictions are defined by class rather than alignment.

    Also, be sure that your mod allows you to dual with that alignment. Druids are generally true neutral.

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  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,290
    Side note. Under normal circumstances a chaotic evil character can't dual into druid, because druids can't be chaotic evil.

    Maybe your mod does something about that but I just thought I'd make sure you know in case you'd assumed.

  • DrakeICNDrakeICN Member Posts: 623
    Just use EEkeeper to give yourself the "use any item" ability.

    Now, the traditional weaponry for a druid / barbarian is actually rather straightforward.

    Visigoths, the barbarians who sacked Rome, used shortswords, spears and shields. Their armor was helmets and chainmails.

    Celts, the people whom had druids, used shortswords, spears and shields.

    Thus, since the engine does not allow you to equip a shield and spear, might I suggest short sword and shield or (because if it had existed, that is what they would have used) longsword and shield?

    However, if that does not float your boat, I guess you can go with;

    Vikings, whom have berserks, whom many equate with germanic barbarians, used swords (metallurgy had improved by then) - perhaps one might even say longswords - axes, spears and shields. Also note that spears had special religious symbolism for berserkers because that was Odins weapons; each battle would initiate with a religious throwing of spears - every man killed by such a spear was actually lucky, as they would instantly go to Valhalla, even if they were a hunchbacked weak willed coward. Also also note that vikings were famous for their bearded axes, which they used to hook the opponents shield or leg or whatever and pull - very few people that time used axes in combat, they were considered inferior to swords, but the vikings proved them wrong, because vikings are awesome.

    Finally, Conan the barbarian used a twohanded sword.

    Also note that the primary armor for all of the above were helmets, shields and... plain clothes or hide armor, supposedly because they wanted less restriction in combat, more realistically because that's all they could afford.

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