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TIL that Wish Intoxication and Wish bad luck stack

MyragMyrag Member Posts: 292
You can combine the two for whooping -17 luck!

Works even against big 5.

Also from my testing you can't cure it. Tried cure poison, slow poison, mass cure, heal and limited wish heal.

But you can block it using MGOI or GOI or SI:Enh which means you can limited wish for MGOI can debuff entire area for -17 luck without affecting your party..

This means
  1. max damage on all your spells e.g. dragon breath deals 100 damage every time (200 on failed save)
  2. -17 thac0 penalty for enemies
  3. enemies deal minimum on-hit damage rolls Xd1 (unless they roll dice that is higher than d18)
@JuliusBorisov Please thank the team for amazing new feature of 2.5 which is adding Luck stat to CTRL+M!

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