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Malfunction of fear state when applied to enemies?

Has anybody noticed a problem with the fear status when applied to enemies? Whilst doing a playthrough of Baldur's Gate II I've noticed on a number of occasions that feared enemies continue attacking despite having a yellow ring indicating that they've been successfully feared by a spell/effect. This is particularly annoying given that party members rarely?/never fight back when successfully feared. The most recent example I've seen is of a Fire Giant getting feared by Symbol:Fear and continuing to attack without any hesitation. I entertained the notion that this might be because certain enemies are immune to fear but this has occurred with enemies that I don't expect to be immune to fear (non-undead). Unfortunately, I haven't kept a log of these incidents and it's not as reproducible I'd expect as certain other bugs hence my curiosity.



  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 512
    There's a chance morale failure leads to berserk, i would imagine that is what is happening.

  • NoonNoon Member Posts: 179
    I would guess it is part of their AI script that is still firing despite the fear effect, like when sometimes they start casting a spell and stop and flee during the incantation.

  • CershenCershen Member Posts: 27
    I would be inclined to agree with Borek's explanation that it's a berserk state but what makes me somewhat suspicious is that my party members always scatter like leaves in the wind when affected by fear whereas I've seen enemies not so much as turn their character model away when affected by the same. I've also never seen a feared enemy attack its own ally that I can recall (which is part of the berserk state no?) In any case, there's not really anything specifically reproducible or reportable as a bug but I was simply curious as to whether others had made the same general observation. Thanks for the comments.

  • chimaerachimaera Member Posts: 702
    edited August 2018
    The problem is that even if it were berserk, for all practical purposes it is not different from the 'not feared' state, e.g. I have had spooked enemies cast spells & attack as usual.

    To me it looks like sometimes either only the yellow circle, but not the 'panicked' script gets applied, or alternatively the default ai script kicks back in right after.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 4,213
    I don't think it's anything to do with going berserk (which I don't think would allow spells to be cast). Right back to vanilla BG there have been periodic problems with the implementation of the fear state. However, prior to the 2.5 patch of BG2EE things were working reasonably well. I noticed immediately after installing that patch though that it was now severely bugged. As I play solo, using horror as a Bhaal ability is a significant benefit for many characters and not realizing the new problems nearly resulted in me dying in Jon's dungeon twice. In several other runs since then I've noticed consistently that:
    1) AI scripts are over-riding the yellow-circled fear condition, though fear may kick back in once a round. The result of that is that melee types will attack you most of the time, though they may briefly break off every now and then. Casters have a chance of wasting spells at you, but will complete them successfully most of the time.
    2) On top of that, the fear condition seems to be cancelled entirely far quicker than it should be - lasting only a few rounds rather than the expected turn.

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