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ToB (SPOILERS) Dorn Quest Bug

Thank you Beamdog for resurrecting an all-time classic and making it even better!

On to the bug:

So, after finishing off Yaga-Shura I kill off my alternate reality self and his party of ne'er do wells in the pocket plane. I remember reading in a guide that this is a good time to do some of the NPC's quests (Hexxat, Rasaad, and Dorn) so I pick up Dorn and drop Keldorn (I had Dorn in my party previously - meaning, I recalled him through the portal - but his quest wouldn't initiate no matter how much I traveled on the world map so I kicked him and had Keldorn back in my party to do the Yaga-Shura quest) and he says his usual, "So, you've come to your senses," etc. and rejoins my party. We go through the pocket plane portal back to Faerun and it dumps me in the siege camp just outside of Saradush. I walk up to the corner of the map and click to bring up the world map. I click on Watcher's Keep and hit Travel. Lo and behold, Dorn's side quest cut scene opens up - looks just like an ambush area - but a funny thing happens: Dorn says something like, "Hold! Something approaches" but when the dialogue box goes away to play out the scene, Dorn is the only one of my party visible on the screen (and he can't move from the lower left corner). Oddly, the camera pans, as if it were following a party of six adventurers as they walk up the path to meet the ambushers, only my party didn't make it onto the scene - only Dorn, and he can't move!

I've tried to work around this by clicking on different destinations on the world map but that doesn't seem to matter. I've also tried selecting my main character from the sidebar (he's just not on the screen) and hitting his pocket plane ability which brings us all back to the plane but when I go back, Dorn is still in the corner - stuck - but my main character is able to move about now. Weird. And I didn't see anything like this in any of the other forum discussions so I thought I'd write it up here to see if anyone else has run into a similar problem.



  • ShalickGyroShalickGyro Member Posts: 1
    I have also had this problem. I try to travel on the world map, I end up in the place where the planetar attacks you, Dorn has his short dialogue stating that something is approaching, and then he gets stuck. Only my main character and Dorn are visible, and neither of them can move. I've messed around with changing party formation and switching which party slot Dorn is in, since I've seen that resolve some other similar issues, but it didn't accomplish anything. Anyone out there have a solution?

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 387
    i have noticed that 2.5 has an occasional bug where if you have more than 1 member in the group it will sometimes select exactly the same spot for a move command when you move 2+ chars at once, resulting in them rarely coming stuck occupying the same spot and needing a console teleport command to get them unstuck. Unsure if it's related, but if you are on 2.5 perhaps it's linked?

  • trebuchettrebuchet Member Posts: 2
    Hmmm. That's interesting. What is that console teleport command, exactly? I'd like to give it a whirl and see what happens.

  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 97
    trebuchet said:

    Hmmm. That's interesting. What is that console teleport command, exactly? I'd like to give it a whirl and see what happens.

    Ctrl + J when debug mode is on.

  • adam777adam777 Member Posts: 13
    Just encountered the same bug.
    Area seems completely broken.
    The most I managed was going in and out of the pocket plane, which caused dorn and my protagonist to appear in walking state (the rest of the party was nowhere to be seen).
    After finishing them off with only those 2 guys, on next attempt to reach the area, no member of the party is available.
    Pretty much a show stopper...

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