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Getting Shadowkeeper to work with BGEE



  • CrazzyDogCrazzyDog Member Posts: 10
    hello players of SoA and ToB.

    Please help me with shadowkeeper.

    I downloaded Shadowkeeper version, and this program could find my saved game in BG2 (I saved a new game that is different from auto-save and quick-save).
    Then I could make a few changes in weapon proficiencies using Shadowkeeper version, and save this new changes. But I couldn't find where is the folder that this new saved file is located. In fact, I don't know how to use this program Shadowkeeper.
    Please, can someone download Shadowkeeper version, make a few changes on character in game, save it, and show me where is the folder that has the new saved and edited file. Moreover, can someone show me the step by step of how to use this version of Shadowkeeper (I don't know if I'm using it corretly), how to generate this new saved and edited file and how to reload this new saved and edited file to game BG2. It needs replace the entire "save" folder of BG2, or just replace a few files of "save" folder? Please, a step by step tutorial will be of great help.

    I have downloaded shadowkeeper version at this site:

    Thanks in advance.

  • CrazzyDogCrazzyDog Member Posts: 10
    I installed SoA and ToB at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Isle\BGII - SoA

  • CrazzyDogCrazzyDog Member Posts: 10
    ---- SOLVED ----

    For those that need to read the solution of this problem, read the thread

    Shadowkeeper, EEkeeper, BEEkeeper works fine.

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