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[ALL GAMES] Yet another no sound fix

FicjuszFicjusz Member Posts: 19
edited August 2018 in Troubleshooting
I had no sounds in PST:EE, so I've tried all methods of fixing it described in this thread. It's closed by now, but it's still the first thing that pops up in Google when trying to search this particular issue. Unfortunately none of the methods worked for my HP laptop. I managed to found another which did the trick for me. It goes like this:

1. Download "" file from this site.
2. Unpack it and go to \bin\Win32.
3. You'll find a file named "soft_oal.dll". Copy into the game directory.
4. Rename "soft_oal.dll" to "openal32.dll".
5. Open the game and see the issue is fixed.

...Or you can just simply download the file I've attached to this post and put it into the game directory.

And - nope, installing open AL from the Creative Labs or putting the original openal32.dll file into the game directory didn't work in my case; it allowed the game to start but the sound wasn't there. And I don't use any external sound card whatsoever, only the thing that was built-in.



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