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Dorn is stuck in Dialogue Mode

henzhenz Member Posts: 3
Version: BG1 EE via Steam


What is the problem: Gorn is permanently stuck in Dialogue Mode (specifically, initiate)

How to Reproduce: Remove Gorn from party. Travel to Friendly Arm Inn, he will repeatedly continue to ask to rejoin party.

Does adding him back to the party help? No. Then the "cannot perform while in Dialogue Mode" message is displayed.

Does problem persist without Gorn: No. It appears to be unique to Gorn

When did this first occur: Earlier today BG EE crashed. Then it updated via the patcher. After the patch application, Gorn has been stuck in this state.

Do other saved games have the same issue? Yes - the situation is unique to Gorn, some flag in his state is toggled (or wrongfully null?) and any saved game appears to refer to this state (from an engineering perspective - this makes sense but hey? why not store NPC states on the main character? Why not not wipe dialogue state when npc is disbanded from character, character rejoining party could re-init? Why not add a validation check to state? just thinking out loud )

thanks in advance - i guess i need to find a new party member for now



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