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What triggers party banters?

Im looking at this list, specifically the Skie/Eldoth one.

Ive been travelling with them for ages, but Skie has only ever triggered this :

SKIE: Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so badly?
ELDOTH: Be silent Skie, it's not like your opinion is worth anything.

What causes banters to trigger? I have not been able to get the rest to trigger. Also the whole Skie/Eldoth thing is quite odd...Skie seems to have no reaction at all to...everything. She has nothing to say about blackmailing her father for gold, she doesnt seem to have any interaction with Eldoth besides those banters and she just seems to be along for the ride.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,570
    BG1 doesn't have banters. Characters will occasionaly say a canned line and one other NPC will respond with another canned line.

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    Banter timings are controlled by BANTTIMG.2DA ( This file determines how often a banter check is done, measured in "ticks" (AI updates, 1/15th of a second), the probability of a banter firing, and whether that banter is a interaction banter or dialog banter.

    Assuming Skie initiates a dialog banter, the dialog trigger generates a random number between 1 and 3, and, depending on the result, one of the first three banters in BSKIE.DLG should fire (because the random number generator will generate 1, 2, or 3, one of the first three banters will trigger True, the fourth likely never fires).

    BEGIN ~BSKIE~ IF ~ InteractingWith("Eldoth") RandomNum(3,1) ~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from: SAY #14490 /* ~Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so badly?~ [SKIEE27] */ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BELDOT~ 0 END IF ~ InteractingWith("Eldoth") RandomNum(3,2) ~ THEN BEGIN 1 // from: SAY #14491 /* ~I love you, Eldoth.~ [SKIEE28] */ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BELDOT~ 1 END ... IF ~ InteractingWith("Eldoth") RandomNum(3,3) ~ THEN BEGIN 9 // from: SAY #14615 /* ~Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so badly?~ [SKIEE27] */ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BELDOT~ 15 END IF ~ InteractingWith("Eldoth") ~ THEN BEGIN 10 // from: SAY #14616 /* ~Eldoth, why do you treat our companions so badly?~ [SKIEE27] */ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BELDOT~ 16 END

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