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DM Client User Interface Needs Some Work

Ahoy me hearties!

I'd like to make a suggestion to add a "up/down scroll bar" on the right side of the UI for the DM Client. Under the max resolution setting with the UI Scale = 2, the DM can, at most, have only 4 player portraits in the player row. If you have more than 4 players, the DM can't access them because there is no "scroll bar" in this UI, and the player portraits don't shrink to fit page (like they use to in 1.69, up to a point, and then you get a scroll bar). The end result is that the DM is only able to interact or do DM-like things with those top player portraits, or if he physically is in the same area as the player. In other words, it's awful, and probably should have been reported as a bug by now.

If there's something I'm missing regarding this, I'm all ears.



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