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Bg2ee mods here and how they work on android

Hiya, i see there are mods here in beamdog for baldurs gate ee, can someone please explain to me how they work on android.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,848
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    @Phycoanto, I could answer this question in 2 ways... do you have access to a PC?

    As a starting point, have a look at this thread. For the current version of BG2EE (, then this document would describe how to get mods onto your device... It could be complicated but I tried to decribe the process in basic terms.

    If on the other hand, you are just interested in a broad description, then let me know. If you don;t have access to a PC, then it could still be done but with some help.


    Edit: Forgot to ask what language are you using? This may also have some impact.
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  • PhycoantoPhycoanto Member Posts: 72
    Hiya, i do have pc but not access to it as I don't use my pc. I'm not very tech with pc's only androids. I'm English aka UK as that's the only langrage I know
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,848
    @Phycoanto, not sure what is meant by that. You have a PC but it is turned off all the time? :)

    I wrote the document for a layperson so it should be easily followed. If there is concern that I am happy to help you through the process.

    The problem for BG2EE is that the dialog.tlk (the part that holds the text displayed, in the majority) conflicts when there is another which would be needed. On Android, the dialog.tlk is locked away in the game's patch.obb. For the bulk of the mods to work properly, it has to be extracted (and kept for vanilla games and testing). This can be done on the Android platform but then the mods needs to be installed. I can put together a modfile for you but then of course you are reliant on me/someone to change the mod when you want. You know, it is a case of teach a man to fish to feed him forever...

    If you don't have the PC version of the game, we can set up an area on the PC for mod installation using the Android version, then create a modfile for installation onto the android platform.

    Happy to help out which ever way you want.

    If you wish to go down the 'would prefer to mod on Android' path, then let me know and I will describe what needs to be done on the device to remove the dialog.tlk. You would need about 2GB spare space on your device as a safety measure (you don't need it as the game can always be downloaded again if any problems occur). At the same time you respond this way, have a look at what mods you would like installed and list them. I can then put together a modfile that can be copied directly onto your device.

    If you wish to use the PC method, then have a look at the document. It describes what needs to be done for both repackaging the patch.obb and building a modding area on your PC to create modfiles. I can assist with any difficulties/questions that you might encounter.

    Of course, we could aslo do both where the patch.obb is modified on the device, I create a modfile as a starting point while you wash and steam clean the PC to get the cobwebs off and look at building a modding area... B)

    First problem: I am on a timeline as I am heading away from my main PC (and therefore wont have access to my modding area) from mid week for about 3-4 weeks. I should have intermittent access to assist with Qs if needed throughout.

    This probably generates more questions than you really wanted... food for thought!

  • PhycoantoPhycoanto Member Posts: 72
    I dont remember saying its always turned off lol i dont use my pc, im not very technical with pcs only android
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 1,848
    @Phycoanto, yeah, just tongue in cheek stuff... Any thoughts on which way you would like to try modding?

  • PhycoantoPhycoanto Member Posts: 72
    Hiya, going back to this subject, how do you mod baldurs gate, I'm mainly looking for mods that will like add more stuff to the game, weapons, magic, monsters or even higher level cap
  • SaboCJSaboCJ Member Posts: 5
    I need a way to do this that does not use a computer on my end. Just my Android phone!
  • SaboCJSaboCJ Member Posts: 5
    Make a cheats enabled/modded version of the game. Ability to turn mods/cheats off and on.
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