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Effect of weapon proficiencies

I wasn't sure of where to post this question exactly, but as it affects both, Enhanced Editions and Baldur's Gate II, I thought this would be an appropriate place. (Also, this may have been asked before, but a search showed me a hundred pages of results, so …)

Regarding the overhaul of the weapon proficiency system since Shadows of Amn

In Baldur's Gate there were only some categories of weapons to put your points in. Then came Shadows of Amn and split them up into (nearly) each and every single type of weapon. The second part of the game also added effects to several creature files, called "Modify proficiencies (223)", which changes the part I system for transferred characters into the part II system, assigning e.g. a point to "Dagger" when there was one for "Small swords" before.
This effect is still available in the Enhanced Edition and even retroactively applied to that version of the first part.
However, many, many creatures lack this effect. (Some mods – I don't know which ones, exactly – "correct" this, giving at least part II creatures in the original edition adjusted proficiencies.)

My question is now that: does the old system still work in SoA and the EEs? Or do all creatures in these games without the effect added to their files have combat penalties due to not being proficient with their weapons? Respectively, don't have bonuses from their old-style system?


  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,264
    Both systems work in all EE games (well, maybe not PSTEE) for combat bonus/penalties. However, the level-up system does not read the old BG1 values, so any potential party-NPC's will need to be updated to the new system (and thus are about the only creatures that have been updated as such in the EE's). The IWD profociency system was scrapped in IWDEE, and those creatures do have to be updated to use either the BG1 or BG2 method.

    The old BG1 proficiency correspond to the following EE proficiency:
    Large Sword: Two-handed Sword, Longsword, Bastard Sword, Katana, Ninjato, Scimitar
    Small Sword: Dagger, Shortsword, Wakizashi
    Bow: Longbow, Shortbow
    Spear: Halberd, Spear
    Spiked: Flail, Morningstar
    Missile: Sling, Crossbow, Dart
    Axe: Axe
    Blunt: Club, Staff, Mace, Warhammer, and all other proficiency stats: (108-134)

  • compleCCitycompleCCity Member Posts: 49
    Many, many thanks for this info!

    As the original BG2 also lists the old categories in CLASWEAP and WEAPPROF.2da, I assume the mechanics are the same for it, too.

    Again, you've been very helpful, thanks!

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