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Dorn's Quest still can not be accomplished

YoudanjaYoudanja Member Posts: 7
Hi guys,

Once my party, including Dorn, has beaten Simmeon, the quest "A Blackguard's Revenge" is still not closing.

Moreover, if during the dialogue with Dorn, right after beating Simmeon, I decide not to keep him in the party, the quest does not update at all and doesn t mention the final fight.

It is a pity since it was supposed to be fixed in the latest patch : "[Journal] Dorn Il'Khan - A Blackguard's Revenge Quest should close".

Is it the same for you guys ?


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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,339

    You can use the program, called NearInfinity, to check any quest.

    In this case, check the file "DORNJ.DLG".

    This is the phrase Dorn says after beating Simmeon: "At last, Simmeon lies dead, his patron broken! Ur-Gothoz feasts on the souls of my betrayers! My revenge is complete!"

    This sets a global variable: Global("DORNPLOT","GLOBAL",5)

    This is state 24 of the quest. The last state of the quest is 268.

    As described here - - the patch notes are about another stage of the quest completely (for an earlier stage in the game where the quest can be closed by not recruiting Dorn).

    There will be many more banter with Dorn after it, including "I can hardly believe it. You, the spawn of Bhaal himself! Ur-Gothoz was wise to tie my fate to yours. Think of the rivers of blood we could spill across the realms!"

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