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Happy 4th Birthday

Yes, I am cynically celebrating 4 years since the last patch was released, but it is not all bad news ;)

As I have said before, 4 years without a patch is a sign of the stability of the game. The only significant new issue to occur in those 4 years is that we generally need to disable sound (or at least background music) on the Mac to avoid crashing when transitioning between maps, but with that one easy workaround, the game plays as well as it ever did. We still have the full benefit of poison when playing assassins, there are no funny visual effects affecting the sprites yet, and we retain the moderately classic BG2-style theme for the UI.

Downside is that it is still hard to read all the pop-ups in the tiny font, and if we get to celebrate a 5th birthday, we will be staring down the 64-bit apocalypse, but for now, life on the Mac App Store is the mixed blessing it always was, and today is a good day to celebrate the positives!



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