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Help requested for party composition

I'm currently playing SOD ( started in BGEE ) and will continue to BG2EE after. I have made a group of 4 custom characters, ocasionally taking in extra's to do their quest.

My group
- Cavalier ( basterd sword, twohanded sword )
- Ranger/Cleric multi ( blunt galore )
- Fighter/Mage multi ( elf - longswords )
- Fighter/Thief multi ( Dwarf - staves )

This group has everything coverd. I am however a bit worried about lacking a top level arcane caster. Should I add a sorcerer? I'm not that happy going to a man grop though.
Alternativly I also could switch ( don't mind EE keepering ) the Multi Mage to a Dualed Mage, Berserker 9 to Mage should be fine I reckon. This should give me the top arcane spells as fast as a sorcerer would, at the cost of some combat power in the late game but I already have a lot of melee power.
Another thing that looks really tempting is a cleric thief ( making the ranger/cleric redundant ) or a mage/cleric. Replacing the Ranger/Cleric also for more spells. But again a multi so no early acces to high ranked spells.

Any feedback would be much apreciated!



  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,161
    I've played through all of BG2 with only Jan as mage, so it works. And I am far from being an expert as the likes of those that post much in here. So if I could manage, you can as well. Your bhaalspawn powers can help you and if you don't mind meta a little bit, the horror spells you can get can be very good as back-up magery at the beginning of fights.

    Make sure the multi-mage has good wands to support their lower spell potential (compared to a SC mage). Also you can equip other characters with wands they can use so that your F/M doesn't have to waste a round to ie spawn creatures or similar. Wands of summoning is always good. Your cleric can also summon some skellies which can be buffed and hasted to support, draw aggro and draw spells from enemy mages. Tailor your spellbook to take down enemy buffs and equip your fighters with weapons that hit though stoneskin, such as FoA or any weapon with added elemental damage. Your F/T dwarf can use bows with arrows of detonation/dispelling/elemental damage to support and don't forget to increase their detect illusion skill as that can be a good way to dispel illusion spells on enemy mages!

    It takes a long time, but once the thief get UAI, they can also use scrolls and other things to support the mage.

    So, I don't think you have to change anything really. You have all it takes to run through BG2 without much problem. Though this is vanilla I am talking about, I am no expert on SCS and such.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,644
    your present setup is perfect, specially if you have in the options to learn all the druid spell levels like it was in the original edition. is not arcane magic super heavy but you will have an enjoyable experience and more than enough power to complete every task.

    to add a sorcerer slows a little your progression as you have 4 multi, but will give to your party a lot of value.
    using a PI he can improved haste all your fighter before each hard battle and then help them destroying the enemy with his spells at the cost of a single lev 7 spell, so many times a day.
    and actually he can easily solo each battle when he reaches high levels, the party sorcerer somehow must restrain his power to let space to the fighter types. but to chose the spells a sorcerer learns is tricky, needs experience, as he is really versatile in how to use them but limited to a small selection. so probably try it in a later run.

    to EEkeeper the F/M into a F(9)->M imo is a really good idea, you don't loose apr as you gain from GM what you loose missing lev 13. and GM and the really good weapons you have in late game help you also with the thac0 problem, my F(9)->Mages don't miss often against the prince of demons or the late game dragons.
    this way you can familiarize better with the high level mage tactics as you can experiment all the spells.
    IMO is the way to go in your case.
    i personally prefer the kensai kit, but berseker is as good if not stronger, it boils more on personal taste and play style.

    C/T is a fantastic class, but as you told it makes the R/C somehow redundant, probably you can play it in a future run, as well as you can play in the future the C/M that is one of the most versatile and interesting multi to play. i would avoid it as i share your not having problems about eekeepering the toons on the run, but to have 1/2 of your party transformed into something other ruins the experience of doing a whole saga run.

    those are my 2 cents, hope it helps.

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