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Should I go for these two mods or not?

Guys two (and I hope last) questions:

1) Item revision or Item upgrade by Weimer
2) Spell revision or not?


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,572

    well... it depends on your taste and play style.
    item upgrade give more powerful items, and imo only some of them are too powerful, like the throwing impaler. other ones are very powerful, but no more then the best vanilla stuff. i really like the fulcrum club, that gives GM to who welds it (but not the +apr if you are not a fighter type), a really interesting weapon for multi fighters, and the scimitar that has a really long reach, you can fight behind your tanks like with a 2 hander, and makes you immune to adhw.
    most of those weapons give variety, with the vanilla weapons most of the players chose the same weapon types because there they find the best stuff. hammers for crom, flails for FoA and so on. that mode makes some weapon types competitive, clubs, scimitars, katanas (CF +5), spears.
    i like also the fact that is possible to merge rings and boots as it saves a lot of micromanaging.
    things like go to inventory, put on the ring of regeneration then when you are healed put on again the +1 or +2 ring. or for a thief equip the boots that make you more stealthy, go to backstab then equip the boots of speed to run away. now a single pair of boots performs both functions. and talking of thieves in the vanilla game there are 3 rings that boost different thieving skills, to continuously change them is a nightmare, with that mod you can merge them in a single one.
    if you feel that something is too powerful for your taste just don't upgrade it, problem solved.

    upgrade the items with that mod costs a lot of money, much more than the usual price asked by cromwell, so if you don't use some tactics (or cheese) to get the money easily you have to make choices, you will not be so rich to upgrade everything.

    also item revision give more variety in the weapon type choice, but instead of balancing the weaker types to the power level of the best ones keeps the average power of the vanilla game, is a different approach.
    that is not my kind of approach so i have never tried it. and spell revision follows the same approach.
    not my kind, but they are surely good mods, the fact that most of the best players use them speak by itself...

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 468
    I'm using Item revision atm, so far it's been very good, a few OP items, but mostly it gives additional options for weapon types that under-perform in vanilla. I haven't used spell revisions though, so cannot comment on that.

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 429
    Thank you both, I've got another question: do any of you know where I can find a tweak that makes the trap gives the same value on xp you get on bg2 when being on the same level ?

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 468
    Arthas said:

    Thank you both, I've got another question: do any of you know where I can find a tweak that makes the trap gives the same value on xp you get on bg2 when being on the same level ?

    I believe A-Tweaks Mod has an option to change XP for scrolls/traps/locks in BG1, to match BG2, but the only ones i found that change the XP in BG2 are to lower them.

    I use EE-MODSETUP Tool when i apply my mods because it automatically lists a yuge plethora of mods with tick boxes to turn them on or off, then checks for the latest DL's and applies them in the correct order to minimise scripting and other errors. If you use the tool you can look through the many many options to see which ones suit your preferred install.

    I think right now i'm using basic SCS, with item upgrades, a selection of A-Tweaks and Tweaks Anthology for unlocking more multi/dual class options including being able to dual class wild mages and barbarians, allow Cespenar to make all items and for all his items to be able to be made in SoA (although 95% of the items needed for the upgrades are in TOB). It also includes many many NPC quests, tweaks, romance options, mini-quests, larger quests, portraits, sounds etc etc. Basically an all in 1 Mod collector and installer.

    Be warned it can be a lil confusing at 1st, but well worth the effort, without it i could never get individual mods to work particularly well due to script clashes and the like, particularly SCS.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 9,343
    100% Spell Revisions.

    Item upgrade is a mixed bag. The basic concept is great: instead of relying on the 1-2 TOB-grade weapons in each item type, you can continue to make use of the awesome mid-level weapons (which are in many cases awesomer than the TOB weapons... hello daggers, clubs).

    BUT unfortunately some of the upgraded items veer into the realm of really OP, outshining a lot of the game's TOB weapons. It's a shsme the mod isn't maintained, a minor balance tweak is all that's needed to make it perfect.

    Oh yeah, also, Item Upgrade plays weird with IR. IR changes some items, but then you can turn them into a upgraded version of the vanilla ones. No technical problem, just a bit weird in some instances.

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