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Not really a complaint thread, but I love that in pretty much every D&D game, these things are the purest embodiment of RNG.

If you walk up to a beholder in NWN, and you don't kill in the fist round, then the fun begins. This thing will slap you with 3-5 ray attacks, which are random. Two of them are insta-death (Death Ray and Petrification Ray). It's entirely possible to bring a Beholder down to 2 HP in a single turn, only to get slapped with 5 Save or Dies. Even if you can only fail on a 1, that's still 5 5% chances to get instantly gibbed. While you can ward away insta-death, there's absolutely nothing to be done about Petrification, meaning that even the highest level character is at risk of getting turned to stone by the lowest level beholder. It's great fun.


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