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Baldur's Gate - Dorn's Quest

I've hit a wall with Dorn's quest. I've reached the point where I'm to find Kryll at the Gibberling Mountains, East of the Nashkel Mines. However, when I arrived at the bloody cliff face, Kryll was no where to be seen. I reloaded the game incase of an error but still found the same result. I cannot find Kryll where she is suppose to spawn.

This part of the quest is logged as; Charmed, I'm Sure however according to my journal, the latest update in Dorn's quest is Bad Cop. I believe this is meant to be the first step in Dorn's quest but it's logged as the most recent entry in the journal regarding the quest. I don't know if this is the reason why I can't find Kryll.

Another reason may be is that I'm currently at Chapter 5 in my playthrough and Dorn did leave my party around Chapter 3 due to my reputation being to high. I've recruited him once again because his quest was still active in my journal and I decided to finish it before heading back to Candlekeep. I don't think this would be the reason but with the mix up from the journal entries on top of that, the extended absence of Dorn in my party, contributes towards Kryll being missing then perhaps that is the problem I'm dealing with.

Is there anyway other way for me to spawn in Kryll to continue Dorn's quest or will I have to abandon this one? Any help would be much appreicted.


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