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[meta-mod] -Kitlist Equalizer- export characters with mod kits from BGEE/TuTu to SoD/BG2

subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,403
edited October 2018 in General Modding
The problem to be solved: unless you play BGT or EET, your modlist for the various different BG games will likely differ. Specifically, your kitlist.2da file will almost certainly differ. So when you add a bunch of mod kits and play, say, a Dirgesinger from Song & Silence, importing that character into SoD or BG2 might suddenly convert the character to a priest of Cyric from Divine Remix. Or something like that. And then you have to fix it with ShadowKeeper/EEKeeper.

Why this happens: in part because some of the various games, depending on the patch version, already have differences in their kitlist.2da file. BG2EE has a kit for Wilson the Bear, for instance, while BGEE and SoD do not. The bigger issue is, NPC mods often install special kits for the added NPC, and those special kits get added to kitlist.2da. And of course, some NPCs only exist in one game or another one. The end result is, the number of rows in the kitlist.2da file from BGEE will be different than the number of rows in kitlist.2da in BG2EE.

Your character file doesn't remember the actual kit you choose. It only knows, in essence, the row that kit appears on in kitlist.2da. So when your BGEE game has the Dirgesinger in the 57th row, and your BG2EE game has the cleric of Cyric in the 57th row, your imported character not-coincidentally become a cleric of Cyric.

I made this little mod for my own sanity, to make it a bit easier to deal with that issue.

How you use this mod: unfortunately, it's pretty finicky.

STEP 1: install all quest and NPC and content expansion mods on BGEE. Go ahead and install everything up to the mods you think of as "kit mods," i.e. mods with kits you want to be available in character generation menus. Do not install any of these pure "kit mods." Just stop here for the moment.

STEP 2: do the exact same thing in SoD and/or BG2. Yes, this means you have to install mods on BG2 before you've even set out from Candlekeep. I know this is unnatural - starting SoA might be months away in real time, and you might find new mods by that time, or find updates to mods, or whatever. But this is necessary, because we need to know what kitlist.2da looks like at this stage of your mod install, in each of the games.

You might want to make backup copies of your game folders at this point.

STEP 3: find the kitlist.2da file in the /override folder of each game. Open it with a text editor. DO not make any changes; just look at the left-most column. It is simply a number counting the rows in the document. Find the last number at the bottom of that column, and note it.

STEP 4: now you might have 3 numbers. Let's say your BGEE number is 68, and your SoD number is 63, and your BG2EE number is 72. Whichever number is highest, that game does not need to be altered. You need to find the difference between that highest number and the other two, so that you can make the two lower numbers match the highest one. So in this example, the difference is 4 for BGEE (72 minus 68) and 9 for SoD (72 minus 63).

STEP 5: copy this extra_kits mod into each of the two game folders with the lower numbers.

STEP 6: open extra_kits/num_kits.ini, and change the value there from 3 to the number you need - again, in this example that means you set it to 4 in BGEE and 9 in SoD.

STEP 7: finally, the simple part - install the extra_kits mod onto the two games with lower numbers. Now the kitlist.2da file in all three games will have the same number of rows; and that means any mod kits you install from here on out can exist in the same row in all three games.

STEP 8: this is important: whatever mod kits you install - S&S, DR, SP Collection, MnG, TnB, MOoF, FnP, DoF, Shadow Magic, Bardic Wonders, Will'o'Wisp, etc. - you must install the same kits, in the same order onto all three games. This is important. But also very easy - all of these kit mods are compatible with all three games AFAIK; and, after installing them into the first game you can simply use that games weidu.log as a guide for installing them on the other two games.

The upshot is, now you can play a character with a mod kit, and finish one game and export him or her to the next game, and nothing should change and you can smoothly continue playing that character.




  • Stupid question: isn't it possible to automatically 'pad' to, say, constant 200 rows/kits by dummy, hidden copies, regardless of modded game? Isn't vanilla BGG kitlist a prefix of SoD and athat a prefix of SoA? In that case appending non-PC kits from NPC mods, followed by padding, and installing kit mods with thus aligned kit lists, should have the same effect without any manual verification and processing all games beforehand, should it not?

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 11,403
    Theoretically. But you can only hace a total of 255 kits in the game, total. Mods can add a lot - Faiths & Powers adds 75, and I think Deities of Faerun adds over 100. You have to get to some standard starting place for mod kits, but you want that starting index to be as liw as possible. It will depend on what mods you add prior to traditional kit mods.

    But OTOH yeah, that might be a reasonable compromise. Maybe begin the index at, say, 75 to begin adding mod kits. That leaves room for 180 kits, and should be safe - I've never gotten above 65 or so with NPC mods... another 10 possible beyond that seems like a safe buffer.

  • polymorphedsquirrelpolymorphedsquirrel Member Posts: 105
    edited June 23
    I made your mod slightly more user friendly for my purpose. Now it offers an interactive option and a default one, which uses your ini file. I changed it however to specify the target number of kits as discussed here.

    In the interactive option it prints the number of kits currently installed and instructs the user to enter the highest number between the games.

    Your num_kits.ini now should contain OUTER_SET kit_reserve = 75

    (naturally, if you choose to use this patch)

    Post edited by polymorphedsquirrel on
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