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Dead lover. Will quests dry my tears?

So Bodhi killed Jaheira, and before I go and throw her body on a statue, I got to thinking. Might this be a chance to go and do some NPC quests with the NPCs that I earlier ignored? Since I got a 5 man group now, and Imoen and Valygar are under-leveled (Imoen cuz she was in a prison while I was doing every sidequest ever, and Valygar cuz I didn't pick him up til after Imoen), would now be a good time to do that? I don't want to have an under-leveled Jaheira either, so I was thinking maybe just one NPC's quests. I have left untouched the following NPCs:

Also, my party is all good-aligned. So any favorites among that list? I have Keldorn, so Viconia is probably not an option.

Also, I'm already level 19. Should I just knock this shit out and move on to ToB? I've never made it this far in my playthroughs.


  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 1,703

    would now be a good time to do that? I don't want to have an under-leveled Jaheira either.

    jaheira's level will not change whether you do 0 or all the npc quests as she is dead.
    my suggestion is to drop all your companions but imoen and valygar, or keep one moe companion if is needed for party balance, and do all the npc quests left. picking the npcs one by one so you are sure that both the under leveled imoen and valy get the most possible xp.
    in the end you will have the same party you have now, level wise, but with the imoen and valygar low level fixed and a over leveled charname.
    probably you have to trick with timers as some quests need time to develop.

    RP wise you should avoid evil NPCs.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,308
    If you've already done "every sidequest ever" what will keep your group occupied while waiting for the quest timers to kick in at various stages? Of the ones that I know on your list they can be started pretty much straight away but the final parts can take a while to crop up.

    Alternatively, you could take Imoen and Valygar on a trip to Watcher's Keep.

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