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Solo Scs Which Class with Mage?

ariakas2ariakas2 Member Posts: 68
I am planning to do a solo run with either Cleric/Mage, Fighter/Mage Dual/Multi or Illusionist/Cleric(or Fighter). Which one would you recommend? I am more inclined over Cleric/Mage multi but i am open to suggestions.

Edit: What about Swashbuckler/Mage? It would be cool to open locks. Though i don't know if the final thaco will be enough for ToB. I plan to dual at level 10.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 513
    If you are playing solo and plan to dual class then you MUST do a late dual IMO, the amount of XP you earn through-out the game is ENORMOUS and without an XP cap removal mod/tool you'll be XP capped in Chapter 2 more than likely.

    My last Swash > Mage dual i did at level 45 swash, giving me monster THAC0, great AC bonus and plenty of Whirlwinds, plus of course UAI, saved up mage scrolls i stole and started off my Mage as a level 18, which is powerful enough especially with the added HP's from being such a high level thief. Lets me use things like the Bard gloves thanks to UAI. You'll probably reach level 45 in the Underdark assuming you do pretty much all the Ch.2 quests before you leave for spellhold and thankfully there isn't much in the way of traps to deal with after then and you'll have Knock for any pesky doors/chests.

    I still capped my mage at level 50 before i finished TOB on this run, that should give you an idea just how much experience is available for a solo. Even the 2 triple class multi's will cap at level 50 in at least 2 of the 3 classes by the end of TOB and you can cap all 3 if you abuse some encounters such as the Named Demons in the Maze level of WK who will gate in 2-4 demons every few rounds, just watch out for the Tanaari one as he has a vorpal attack lol.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    If you have the xp cap removed you could try out a Fighter/Mage/Cleric too

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,353
    It really depends what sort of action you like. A cleric/mage lets you do some nice things with cleric spells in sequencers, but if you're not that fond of buffing it's probably not for you. To make a swashbuckler dual work well, you will need to play for a long time as a swashie, which may not fit your concept. If you want to be able to use spells more consistently throughout the run I would have thought a fighter/ illusionist might suit you.

  • ariakas2ariakas2 Member Posts: 68
    I am not using xp cap removal. I plan to use vanilla progression as much as possible. I will start from BG 2. I want to have a good thaco to deal with most of the encounters. When i encounter serious mobs, i will use my spells.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I vote F/I or I/T if you multi. I'd prefer the versatility of the I/T, but F/I is a beast. Imho, a multi F/I is a much easier solo than most in BG1, as you can easily start with spec in longbows, and transition by BG2 to a melee build with your pile of profs that can't GM anyways. Thieves with UAI can be pretty handy fighters actually, especially with mage buffs, so you will have some options. By ToB though it'd be all about traps for the thief I expect, as you'll be a weak melee fighter, even with buffs vs some of the bigger mobs.

    F/I however is pretty straightforward, using HLAs and buffs to steamroll mobs.

    C/I is worth considering, but lack of a speed weapon really stinks, and some of BG1 might be pretty tough, with few spell slots to deal with mobs meaning resting more. A C/I can't fight very well offensively in BG1, so you'll need your spells to win, meaning you might want to bypass some enemies imho, esp those with magic resistance in BG1.

  • chimaerachimaera Member Posts: 938
    ariakas2 said:

    Edit: What about Swashbuckler/Mage? It would be cool to open locks. Though i don't know if the final thaco will be enough for ToB. I plan to dual at level 10.

    Why not an mage/thief (illusionist/thief) then? Might be not as easy and straightforward as the fighter/mage, but he has his own bag of tricks to play with.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,822
    DreadKhan said: a much easier solo than most in BG1, as you can............

    .......... and some of BG1 might b...........

    as the thread is posted in the BG2 section i assume that the OP will start from SoA and not from bg1.
    but i can be wrong, @ariakas2 can you please enlighten us about your intentions?

    starting in bg2 i think that the old FMT is a good bet, as lacks only on divine magic. as solo the level is not a problem, loosing lev 9 spells is not optimal but a FMT has other ways, and has also all the lev 9 scrolls available for quick slot use as no one has to memorize them.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    I got confused reading another's post. :blush:

    I think the character is supposed to be primarily a mage, meaning ftm is perhaps not enough mage? Its an intuitive playthrough though, you can use obvious solutions to nearly everything, be it a big spell, a backstab/trap or just whacking it.

    I/T is easy to underestimate, and at least in SoA its a beast. Spike traps in SoA would be broken though.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,822
    yep a triple class is certainly the less mage oriented combo, but is maybe the more versatile, together with C/M.
    UAI, traps and back stab from the thief, apr and thac0 from the fighter and mage spells to make him more resilient and to get rid of the enemy protection, mislead when possible and needed and you have the perfect combo to solo a game.
    even if i don't play scs i am pretty sure that works well there.

    if the OP prefers to play a strong mage that is also something other, and is very possible as he tells:
    ariakas2 said:

    ...........Fighter/Mage Dual/Multi or..........
    Edit: What about Swashbuckler/Mage? It would be cool to open locks. Though i don't know if the final thaco will be enough for ToB. I plan to dual at level 10.

    and every dual into mage is a strong mage with some added capabilities.

    i probably would not dual but i'll pick a multi cause having 2 pools of HLA, or even 3, is a great advantage, and a multi (2 classes) will be anyway a strong caster in the end, if is gnome is better cause that 1 more lev 9 spell is really useful. but we are talking of tastes and play styles, a dual starting in soa is strong and perfectly viable, the down time is short and will be in a short time the best spellcaster, reaching high levels faster.

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