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Glasses of Identification not working?

So I found the Glasses of Identification, and everything says that I just need to have them in my inventory and identify items as if I had a scroll(Right click and choose "scroll"). Problem is; nothing happens. I have no available scroll when I right click. Including when I make sure to have them in the inventory of whatever user has the unknown item. Additionally, when I go to move them to another character, none are highlighted, it's like nobody can use them. It's weird.

Is there a chance that the Lizard King (Who had them before me) used up all of their charges for the day? Never seen that before...

And no, I don't have a party made entirely of Wizard Slayers. :-)


  • Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson Member Posts: 12
    Never mind they started working. I have never, in all of my playthroughs of this series since it first came out, picked up an item with daily charges that was actually depleted for the day... Weird.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 1,776
    Some items start with fewer charges than they should have because they were one of the items in a random drop, and the other items didn't need as many charges. For example, Uligar can drop a Wand of Trap Detection, but this wand has only one charge, because the other possible items you could get (Glimglam's Cloak, Applebane, The Merry Shorthorn, Stoutward) do not need more than one charge.

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