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Neera fails constantly

Hey everyone,
I've been playing BGEE and decided to get Neera. I've completed everything up to thief maze then before ending it, I am now at Durlag's.
However, at some point Neera started fizzling spells. HARD. She's fizzling almost every spell. Maybe she successfully casts 1 or 2 spells per day. I heard about a collar bug but it seems to be in BG2EE and cure disease didn't work anyway.

She has no active effects on her. She wears The Amplifier (extra 2nd level spell), Bracers to the Death (AC6), Traveler's Robe, Ring of Princes +1, Relair's Mistake and Adoy's Belt. She hasn't changed them in Durlag's though.

I think it started, or at least I noticed it at the room with greater wyverns and stone heroes. In fact, it happened with monster summoning and I thought maybe somehow the game counts the stone heroes as summons and the monster limit is reached or something. But it's affecting more than summons. I get "Spell Failed: Casting Failure"

Any idea?


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