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How to read attack roll feedback messages?

For example:
11 + 3 = 14 miss

Ok, 11 is d20 roll, but what is 3? And why 14 is miss?

wiki says:
[After enabling the related FEEDBACK settings in GAMEPLAY option menu, the in-game feedback messages will show as:
(Attacker's roll) + [(target's AC modifier) - (attacker's THAC0)] = result
With the result number plus target's effective AC, which is not shown, greater than or equal to zero will be a hit.

But it is not as thay say.
Can sombody explain please?


  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,619
    edited October 2018
    I can't make sense of that wiki entry either.

    I always figure the number as their Thac0 against my AC. If their Thac0 is 10 and my AC is 0, they need a 10 or greater result to hit me. If their Thac0 is 10 and my AC is -1, they need an 11, etc.

    Somebody will come along and explain this better than I can.

    That adjustment to the base roll, or so I've always thought, is the sum of all the attacker's Thac0 modifiers including magic weapon, strength, spells, etc.

  • ThunderburpThunderburp Member Posts: 22
    Just for the record since Kjeron's post is now linked to from the wiki:

    In original editions of the game, the Base THAC0 and Target AC from the post above will be affected differently by the Blindness effect, which causes a +10 penalty to THAC0 and no penalty to AC instead of Enhanced Edition's +4 penalty to THAC0 and AC.

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