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BG:EE (RP Heavy) UK/EU players

MuttleyMuttley Member Posts: 61

A friend and I are looking for mature, dedicated players to join our RP group for long term involvement.
We are hoping to play through the BG and IWD series before moving on to NWN. After that we would like
to look at playing together as a DM led group through our own adventures and/or campaigns.

The details...
When: Sundays 7pm UK time - 9pm UK time(not just GMT but BST when applicable)
Where: We are in the UK and Netherlands and would welcome other players from our time zones
What: Baldur's Gate Enhanced
Who: Other mature players who are looking for being part of a long term group that hope to have several
years of continued enjoyment of D&D together.

Please let us know if this is the sort of thing you would like to be a part of.

[Note: No discord, Teamspeak or the like will be used]


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