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Old School planescape torment player getting back into it

Hi, I've been playing PST since the original 4 disc version in 1999, which the discs were damaged, and I bought another copy. Right now, I don't actually have the EE version, but the 1 disc version and have made some mistakes that cost me a lot of time in the game (such as thinking I could cast the friends spell on another toon, or that I'd get characteristic points when gaining a level in another class that was below my highest class) It's the not EE version, but I'm hoping using near infinity is similar on it.

I like to play mostly legit and some mods installed, I can help anyone with the game, if they need it, as I played since the original, what I'm trying to do is use near infinity to tweak my stats just a little, but not a lot (I know there's the tome of cheats, but that's very tempting with a mod I can only get it at the beginning, or in the clerk's ward- but I want higher stats before this) If someone can tell me where's a good place/way to gain experience/currency in the game that would be appreciated, as mostly all I know is the larval worms in the sewers and killing abishai in the hive. For money I usually shoplift something I want/need (I know you can't sell those to NPCs) or sell bronze rings from thugs.

This video right here, was/is very helpful for using near infinity for a Baldur's Gate game,

but I don't know to use it for PST, if anyone wants to point my towards instructions, I read it at the near infinity website, but I don't quite understand which resources control stats, etc, as I've done several searches, I'd like a few examples if anyone has documentation on how to tweak some things in PST 1 disc version



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