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NwN EE 1st Anniversary Approaches

So I went into the News Archives on here to get the exact date that NwN EE was first announced to the wider world. I remembered that it was in November but I couldn't recall the exact date. According to what I found that date was November 21st. So in 16 days time it is the first anniversary of that announcement. I wonder if BD have anything planned to mark the occasion (did ask on the stream but it was one of the unanswered ones).




  • KhobarKastKhobarKast Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2018
    I second that. As a fan of achievements I wouldn't mind that release. But, to be less self-absorbed, I would also be happy to hear the thoughts of the developers or something revealed. It may sound weird, but I recently saw the video of the "Making of Pillars of Eternity". I saw a lot of people talking about personal experience, about their ideas, their aspirations and generally where they hope to see this project in the future. I think that the whole NWN community would love to see that kind of insight. Let us know, what your general idea and love of this game is. Yes, written word is important. But a video of your developers and project leads together with clever cutting and the right music would give us, meaning us who love NWN, a better understanding of your love, care and understanding of this game you inherited.

    Yeah, it takes a bit of work to do that. But the work of one such video can't be compared to the amount of work you put it into this great game. And it would show us your compassion.

    I would appreciate it more than my words could describe right now. Think about it.

    Edit: And yeah, give me a camera, a flight to your HQ and back to Germany, and some time and I would gladly try to make that possible.

  • AronAron Member Posts: 61
    I have wished for Achievements as christmas present this year! :) Crazy it will be good when this is released, its the only reason why im waiting with playing NWN. Ive never gotten further than Chapter 1 in that game. Looking forward to experience this game with achievments as road marks for the progress.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 1,257
    They should really start using the toolset to make campaigns. How far along is that graphics overhaul for player models they were teasing?

  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 614
    I wouldn't expect too much. There is still a relatively large playerbase using DE in comparison to EE so I assume that's a lot of unused potential development funds they haven't got yet.

    If they were still looking for a technical artist and they're still tinkering away at the engine, then it might be possible any assets made now wont be the best possible or will need additional work. So I'm not expecting anything much in that regard.

    If they're creating modules now then it's possible they wont take advantage of assets and functionality still being added, i.e. the workflow follows the rules of causality. So again I'm not expecting anything much.

    Probably the best case scenario is that they announce an expansion pack in a few weeks that will be release in time for xmas. Then they also announce client plugin support to do things like the client extender so people don't have to drum their fingers waiting, and a full update of nwnx for both windows and linux.

    I would estimate the likelihood is astronomically small and they might announce a portrait dlc instead.

  • DrakonDrakon Member Posts: 32
    edited November 2018
    RP servers are doing pretty good. They're the ones with dedicated bases. But there is a lot more room for NWN to come back from stagnation and grow to the level it once was.

    Generating goodwill in the hearts of NWN veterans will be necessary eventually if we want to fully revive the community and bring back the era of action/pvp/siege/variety PWs always being lively and new single player modules being made every month. There's a lot of potential buyers who are out there holding off on NWNEE due to:

    1) The lack of attention-grabbing feature changes for single player gamers
    2) Skeptical attitude towards new Beamdog stuff due to rumor or minor grudge.
    3) Hardcore Beamdog haters

    Maybe we can't persuade #3, but #1 & #2 certainly can be -- I used to be in that category. And they will need to be if we want to see a resurgence in module making (many builders don't like making stuff that won't be seen/enjoyed by good amount of players).

    It's possible a video documentary as pitched by @KhobarKast above might do it, that's certainly an idea. Get visuals out there showing that the classic talent behind NWN is back - the team is getting back together. Friday announcements and interviews with builders are already doing some good on that front. I do think something major needs to be produced to grab attention or added to the game besides incremental improvements to garner the attention necessary.

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