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Dorn has been turning up in the darndest places

On my latest run through I didn't speak to Dorn until after I had cleared the Nashkel Mines and this led to the first encounter with him taking place in some peculiar places.

First he showed up in Gullykin (which crashed the game). Then he showed up on a 'You have been waylaid by enemies map' on the way to Gullykin:

Then, after I reloaded the game and went back to an old save, I met him on a random encounter map on my way through Cloakwood:

Dorn got killed in this encounter but I kept tripping over his body each time I got ambushed in Cloakwood (by Wyverns, Ettercaps and Giant Spiders) because his corpse was still lying there:

I am playing a slightly modded game (I used various elements from the Tweaks Anthology including one to open up Cloakwood early) so I don't know what is causing this. But maybe if you don't talk to Dorn until after you clear Nashkel he just turns up on the way to the next place you visit?



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