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Vanilla bard can complementary weapons

I'm planning on taking a 5 character party through the games with a Vanilla Bard as my main character.

I've done some tests and I'm pretty sure I get the +1 luck in BG I. Going up to +2, then +3 later in later games.

It occurred to me that there's a few weapons that benefit more from the luck song than others. Both the b. sword and the morning star do 2d4 damage, and therefore the +1 counts twice for them, as two d4s are rolled.

I tested it, and indeed rather than doing 2-8 points damage they appear to do 4-8 points damage under the influence of the bard's +1 luck song.

On that basis, I'm using two beserkers as my main fighters: one armed with a b. sword and the other with a morning star.

It also occurred to me that the Priest of Helm's seeking sword likewise does 2d4 damage, and would therefore benefit more from the +1 luck song. So I'll use the Priest of Helm as my cleric.

Can anyone think of any other weapons, strats, etc. where the base attack uses more than one dice so as to benefit from luck?

Overall, IMO, the vanilla bard seems to hold it's own against the skald when all things are considered.


  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 3,614
    edited November 2018
    The staffmace +2 also does 2D4 (available in BG1, edit: and BG2). Firetooth and bomerang daggers (returning throwing daggers) both do 2D4 damage, +3 and +2 respectively (BG2). Don't remember if SoD have any of these kind of weapons.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 144
    I could've sworn the Ashideena warhammer does 2d4 but wiki claims otherwise. Crom Faeyr in late BG2 does however.

    Besides the magical throwing daggers in BG2, the Dwarven thrower hammer also gets 2d4.

    I'm not sure how luck affects ammunition but lightning bolts have 4d4 extra damage per hit, save for half. Acid arrows, the king of bow DPS in BG1 already, also rolls 2d6 extra damage on each hit, no save.

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