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Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel. The stuff of legend! Right Boo?

No doubt, when I am dead, my urn will be engraved with some quote from these games. Maybe it will simply say "Finished Baldur's Gate" but then, I haven't actually done that yet.

I've poured thousands of hours over the last couple of decades into BG and here I am again, on another play through. Somehow I accidentally found the EET mod and was absolutely thrilled at the idea of all 4 chapters being smashed together into ONE GAME! So yeah, I'm with a canon party and doing it again. Determined... THIS TIME, to finish it.

I remember I used to spend hours upon hours, just loading character images and creating custom multiplayer parties... This time I was going to just leave it all alone - start it, finish it, canon, with a party.

I'm here today because I accidentally found a post about someone playing BG with one character and no party and I was like OMG THAT IS ONE THING I HAVEN'T TRIED!

So yeah, now I'm thinking, I'd like to start over....again. Maybe I can just start a second game to play solo WHILE I finish my canon play through. (Sadly, this would not be the first time I was playing two different play throughs at the same time.) I'm thinking if I go solo it's going to be pure evil.

Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe what matters is that I enjoy playing. /shrug

NO! I must finish this storyline - just once!

Anyway, hello, I'm new here. (technically, I can see that I created this account some time ago...but apparently never posted or commented. I'm sure I made the account and then went right back to playing BG.)

Secret things I wish for:
Dream mod for BG: Turn BG into an anime harem game.
How have they not turned BG into a TV series or movie yet. With all the reboots and nostalgia stuff these days. That would be epic! Instead we get Superman as Geralt (with no mustache, for real).



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