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Charge Based Item Prices

tfoxtfox Member Posts: 87
edited November 2018 in Technical Support
Anyone happen to know an easy way to restore pricing of charge based items to before Beamdog increased the cap to 250 ?

I don't much like the idea of having to go through hundreds of stores fiddling with possibly thousands of custom items in a rather large module editing the value of each charge based item because many of them are now 1 gp for the cheapest to purchase or in most cases abit under 50% of the value they were in 1.69

I also hate the idea of putting alot of work into this only for Beamdog to fix it several months down the line and throw all the pricing off again.


  • tfoxtfox Member Posts: 87
    I hate to be impatient, but I figured it would have been fixed by this point or someone may have been able to give me some advice on how best to handle this. it's been over 5 months since the issue was created by Beamdog, that's a fairly long time. I get that you want to get the big features out, but when you introduce a pretty hefty economic issue that's kinda something that should have been hot-fixed isn't it?

    Is there any suggested ETA on a fix for this being done or any easy fixes that can be recommended @JuliusBorisov ? preferably something that won't require a lot of man hours to fix each shop individually and then fix it again when Beamdog does something about this?

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