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Difficulty accessing 6th party member

RamonJustRamonRamonJustRamon Member Posts: 5
For roleplay purposes i dont really want to get rid of Minsc's girlfriend Dynaheir? so I have 6 in party and system refuses access to #6 from companion bar. (besides with some still lev 1- never played bgee before,and about to enter the mines, I may need a second mage-Dont like Edwin or any Red Wizards after the Neara encounter or others that order us around, so told edwin to F himself and tried to kill him but he ran.). Would actually appreciate ideas how to find Edwin and get him to fight. Cant arrange march order either about 95% of the time do currently running imoen in rear as she rarely needs special commands in a fight. Outside of battle it's still annoying to click on the tokens then left bar instead of just Clicking their image but works ok. Any idea why number 6 slot is so limiting?


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,655
    I think you have made it impossible to get Edwin back.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 16,538
    edited November 20
    @RamonJustRamon I've seen a few similar reports, but most of the time the solution is to alt-tab out and return, which can point to an overlay from a third party.

    That's right where Win10 likes to pop up notifications (the 6th party slot).

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  • RamonJustRamonRamonJustRamon Member Posts: 5
    As fir Edwin, I assumed as much, but as my new "girlfriend" was about to be dissected by Red wizards, I tried very hard to dissect Edwin (dont really need him as going with neutral to good party and using neera for arcane) but unfortunately bgee does not permit player to attack people fir any reason in that scenario which was disappointingly unrealistic

  • RamonJustRamonRamonJustRamon Member Posts: 5
    About the suggestion to try alt tab then enter, so just press alt tab together then enter? I will try that. At present I try to stop at five, but starting to find random waylay encounters with wyveerns followed immediately by waylay with ettercaps and no save permitted until both completed that I will use 6 until I get past this area. that way with lev 4/5 its challenging for a first run new player but do-able. For now I just have to hunt for number 6, click on them directly then go to their inventory for everything. annoying bit manageable once I realized that was possible (couple days after I posted this question) if i can occasionally unlock #6 though I can put a lower maintenance npc there so thanks!

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