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Difficulty accessing 6th party member

RamonJustRamonRamonJustRamon Member Posts: 5
For roleplay purposes i dont really want to get rid of Minsc's girlfriend Dynaheir? so I have 6 in party and system refuses access to #6 from companion bar. (besides with some still lev 1- never played bgee before,and about to enter the mines, I may need a second mage-Dont like Edwin or any Red Wizards after the Neara encounter or others that order us around, so told edwin to F himself and tried to kill him but he ran.). Would actually appreciate ideas how to find Edwin and get him to fight. Cant arrange march order either about 95% of the time do currently running imoen in rear as she rarely needs special commands in a fight. Outside of battle it's still annoying to click on the tokens then left bar instead of just Clicking their image but works ok. Any idea why number 6 slot is so limiting?


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