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Best Archer gear in bg1?

Restarting an Archer, messed up on build by lvl5, now I know some more about game and want to start over. Anyway, never found a better short bow than +1 in the shop early in the game, armor is only +1 studded, etc. Got to chap 6 I think but never upgrade armor or short bow.


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,594
    edited November 2018
    The only better shortbow than +1 comes pretty late in the game, however there are serious problems with longbows in BG2. In BG2 there are actually better options for shortbows than there are for longbows. IMHO, however, there are plenty of good options available for crossbows in both BG1 and BG2 pretty much right away. Some people seem to think crossbows are a bad option for various reasons, but I would disagree wholeheartedly. I personally would start out focusing only on mastering crossbows and then, in BG2 when crossbows are already mastered, I would start putting points into shortbows.

    As far as armor goes, however, you pretty much have to make do with whatever you can find. You may, however, want to try one of the tweaks I made that allows rangers to use the Shadow Armor.

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,048
    If you play with the Rogue Reballancing Mod then there's also a pretty overpowered shortbow available late in the game.

    I forget the exact details, but sometimes when you hit, it has a chance to lower the targets AC vs missiles, and I think that effect stacks with itself. Get your whole party on ranged and make Sarevok a pincushion.

    It's a long wait but with a big payoff.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 157
    There's a shortbow +2 which you can get from a quest in chapter 5. Longbows are naturally +1 thac0 and there's a longbow +2 that you're almost guaranteed to grab at the end of chapter 3. Composite longbows have +2 damage on top of the thac0 bonus if you are strong enough to use them. They only come with a +1 variant but compared to that longbow +2 you'll just be trading 1 thac0 for 1 extra damage. I think the Beregost smith or Feldepost inn sell that and it's a very good choise. There's also the crossbow of speed in the Beregost smithy and it's very good.

    As for armor I think your best option is a studded +2 which you can find south of Nashkel if you challenge the amnish hunting party there in a fight (generally it's a good idea to be hostile towards almost everyone that gives you the option to do so :smiley: ) That same map also houses bracers of archery that gives +2 thac0 for missile weapons. You can pick them up from a couple of bandits by refusing to give your belongings to them and fighting them.

  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 792
    edited November 2018
    if you're into xbows, you can sell ring of wizardry and get crossbow of speed at beregost pretty fast

    it's better than the gold heavy crossbow so you can keep it all game

    also melium's gloves are better than bracers of archery.

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 157
    Sure, just pointing out that they are right there beside the studded leather so they're a good thing to pick up.

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Well, you could do most of your exploration of the map at large after getting the +2 shortbow, but most people like to get the XP early rather than later.

    Imho, with an actual Archer, a shortbow is plenty good in BG1, its things like F/I that need the composite longbow more, lacking higher proficiency and Archer bonus.

    Regarding crossbows, they don't get quite as good ammo as a bow does, but that great ammo is only in chapter 5 anyways, so not an issue for much of the game. Crossbows do get decent ammo though, so I wouldn't feel nerfed, as that bow ammo is kinda too good anyways. Liberal use of Detonation and Dispel arrows can make tough fights a breeze.

  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,048

    also melium's gloves are better than bracers of archery.

    Melium's gloves?

  • LammasLammas Member Posts: 157
    gauntlet's of weapon expertise. They are dropped by Meilum in north-east corner of Firewine bridge. Once again, need to be rude towards him and kill him in a fight. In EE you can also find another pair in the chest you need to open at the end of chapter 3.

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